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The Cost of Gigs


Hi, been using Fiverr for many years now, and have purchased almost 300 gigs. I have not been using the site as much as I do not really need services right now. Came back today looking for a $5 gig for something quite simple. But, I noticed the prices of gigs. I had to search really hard to find what I needed for $5. Some gigs were asking for over $1000 dollars for something is probably not too difficult to achieve.

My question: Do you think that the costs of gigs (some really high) has made Fiverr better or do you think it has made the site less interesting? I am curious to see what others think. I guess anyone has the choice to price their gig as high as they want as we all have the choice to buy the gig if we want to.



There have been many recent changes to Fiverr. I agree with your sentence above which more or less sums it up and also more choice and quality has surely got to be better.


I agree, but it looks like some are trying to take advantage of the situation by pricing some gigs at crazy prices. I just feel bad for those who do not know better and spend money on a gig that really has no value.

It looks like this thread was removed from the forum. Not sure why, but thanks for responding.


The thread is still here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, could not find it. Somebody moved it to a different category, so now I see it.


There are still quite a bit of great seller’s at reasonable prices here. I haven’t been here as long as you but I’ve been pretty consistent and you are correct, there have been some changes.

5r introduced a category called “PRO” sellers that they personally vetted both on and off 5r. These folks charge, as you’ve noticed, significantly higher price. Whether they are worth it or not, you’ll have to judge for yourself.


I agree with you Gina, for me, I always loved this site for the great values and products for $5 - but those days seem to be gone for now.


You can put a maximum $/£ value in the Fiverr search box so it will only show gigs with a price up to the amount you specify.


That is a great tip uk1000, I will give it a try.