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The Countdown Clock That Counts Up?


I’ve noticed this since I began on Fiverr, and for awhile I figured it was just sleep deprivation, but yesterday I was convinced that what I was seeing is real! :slight_smile:

Every night, I double-check my deadlines. Repeatedly, I end up opening up an order in the evening that shows as 12 hours or so left, later when I check at night it’s down to 3 or so (when there should be much more time). I start working just in case I misread, but it never fails it will be back up at 9 or so hours left when I finish. Why?

I’m thinking it’s because Fiverr uses East coast time or something for their clocks, it seems when it’s nearing midnight Fiverr time, the clocks go crazy. Seriously, see for yourself :slight_smile: It’s an annoying bug that has been driving me slightly insane since I began here. I’ve never actually watched the clock for hours to see how the timing goes, but I know for a fact (because it’s happened at least a dozen times in the last two months) that the “time left” jumps around like that at night. I don’t think it happens every time, but I’ve seen it way too many times for it to just be me!



It’s the twilight zone.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. You need to deliver by the due date. If you don’t delivery before it is 24 hours late, your customer can cancel very easily and it leaves an automatic negative review. Your customer is the only person that will take action for you not being on schedule. There are many projects that are delayed for multiple reasons. Late graphics and script revisions. The system will yell at you, but you focus on your customer’s experience. Always communicate well with your customer and document everything in the order message. Oh… and get some sleep!

There is a chance that Fiverr CS can reset your software and it may fix the bug in your account. This sometimes can fix calculation in the web counters and other indicators.