The country of fiverr account and sales


hello I would like to know if i the country of the fiverr account has an impact on the sales for example if i have a fiverr account with usa as a country if this will boost the sales or not please response me because i have not a lotof sales thanks and my country is algeria north africa thanks.


If your country is Algeria, the only legitimate way to change it to the USA is to move to the USA.

Fiverr automatically detects your country - you can’t change it without breaking the Fiverr ToS unless you physicaly move.


Be realistic be true, use your original country name
IT never effect on sales or business.
If you will provide good service, no one count for country


ok i know this but the question is is the country has an impact on sales if i have usa account if this will boost my sales???


How would you go about getting a US account?


i have a new usa account i used opera vpn to get it


so for you the country of the account have not an impact on sales ?


And you’re breaking the ToS by doing that. :roll_eyes:

You do know you’re only allowed one account don’t you?


Hello, this is the first time someone on the forum has openly admitted to doing this as far as I know

**This is highly against the rules. **

You only need ONE account to be a huge success.

Most people who have more than one account don’t do well with either of them.

Fiverr will find out you have two accounts at some point and ban you.

This is NOT the way to be successful on fiverr.


On top of what others have said, lying about your country isn’t going to make you successful. Focus on providing superb service, and you will be successful; lie about your country (or anything else), and sooner or later, you will get caught and reported to Fiverr’s Trust and Safety team.