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The Creeps of Fiverr

So a while back there was an equal parts disturbing and entertaining thread about buyers who wanted stories about girls moving their feet while dying. Today when I was browsing buyers request I saw two different requests about stories like this, one of them requesting a story with four girls instead of one! I guess we’re really upping the ante here.
Some people already have gigs where they pretend to be girlfriends; maybe it’s time for people to roll out feet-related services so that these people actually have an outlet instead of just randomly asking people about their feet.
(Source: had a conversation with one of these guys a while ago. He eventually asked for a video of my feet and I ended up reporting him. I thought it had blown over, but apparently I was wrong…)
Also today, someone messaged me asking if I was married. When I asked him why, he responded that he was looking for love. Mind you, this person lives in a different country, and is looking for romance on a platform where people are supposed to be working.
I just don’t understand why these people think it’s okay to come on Fiverr and solicit love/feet. It’s not even Facebook, or some other social platform.

Anyways, rant over. Has anyone else had experiences like this? Would be interesting to hear from other people about their experiences with this kind of person. The utter lack of self-awareness is kind of staggering.


We’ve had a couple of threads about the foot guy. He doesn’t want to pay he just wants to get females to listen to his fetish. By continuing to respond to him after he says this he gets what he wants from you.

We have people of all kinds here and it is a fertile hunting ground for some unbalanced guys who see females here they think they can prey on. Just totally ignore them as soon as you realize what they are like, and block them.


By continuing to respond to him after he says this he gets what he wants from you.

Yeah, it seems like that’s the case…still, what a weird way to go about it. Fiverr? Seriously?
Do we know that it’s the same guy? It is a really specific fetish, but he has to be really persistent if he keeps coming back here, despite getting blocked again and again, disturbingly so. If only there were a way to stop him for good…

Blocking them is, of course, the best course of action. I was just surprised by how much of this kind of weirdness happens even on a platform that’s regulated pretty strictly.

They have access to females over a chat system. That’s all they need. It’s the same guy with the feet. He probably has a dozen chat rooms on the internet he frequents constantly where he can send his sick messages to females.


This is honestly the sort of thing that makes me wish there was a report button in buyers request sometimes. Obviously the concept might be flawed, but when people are posting stuff like that or other things against TOS (e.g. I keep seeing people posing their emails, asking for phone calls, etc.) I just wish I had an option to do more than remove then.
Such is life, I guess :confused:

There are people who are only 13 on this site which makes it especially horrible.

As a youngish person on this platform, even I think that sounds outright awful.

I’ve really never got the foot fetish thing. Nor do I personally know anyone who seems to. (Guys talk a lot about certain things). In this case, if I met anyone who even mentioned having a foot fetish, I would probably mentally classify them immediately as a pervert.

Sorry, you have had to deal with this.


No need to be sorry, you’re not one of them :stuck_out_tongue:
Personally, I don’t want to judge other people’s fetishes. As long as no one’s forcing them on other people, all is good. (I pin myself as pretty cynical about these things, but dying girls’ feet…that’s a first!)
But when you’re actively seeking out people who are obviously here to work and messaging them to get them to satisfy your personal desires…yeah, that’s where it gets gross.
Maybe something in my “I will write you a short story” gig provoked them?
Seriously, though, I wonder how lonely they are that they have to message strangers to get their rocks off.

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He hopes to use the fact that you are a writer to start a conversation about it with you.


That’s for sure, although I feel like that type of person would probably use anything as an excuse to get in touch…unfortunately for the rest of us (female sellers).

You know, I started out writing and formatting ebooks but I had a very bad experience (not on Fiverr). Now, though, my marketing brain is saying 'hey you, money making mind, there seems to be a niche here for foot fetish ebook gigs."

I just don’t know if I’m prepared to go that low.


Go that low…was that a pun? :smiley:
For real, though, if anyone would go that low (not just foot fetish stuff, though, but also general fetish) then they would probably be raking in the big bucks. I’m not an expert in ebooks but used to read a lot of ebooks on my Kindle. There were sooo many fetish/erotica books, and they all seemed to be selling really well.

Lol that’s really strange… though I never experienced that cause I am not a woman… anyways, is there anyway to block a buyer completely so that he/she can neither message you nor buy your gig or even nor able to look at your profile… something like facebook when we block someone to get rid of perverts…

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Hmmm, unfortunately the only way to do that is to get them banned, which isn’t really specific to a single account. It does, however, prevent them from harassing anyone else in the future as well…unless they keep coming back with a different account like our foot friend does :confused:

I think, if I report someone on fiverr, fiverr does not block him/her based on a single report. perhaps when 3-5 people report same account then they take action.
I am not sure about it… …

Yeah, I think that’s what it is. I’ve received spam that was blocked before I could even report it.
Aka it’s never a good idea to spam multiple people at once, because that’s just a really quick way to get your account suspended. Not that it’s a great idea to spam anyone at all.

Yeah… Thanks for sharing info…

I will be your fake online girlfriend for 30 minutes for $5


At least fake online girlfriends get paid to interact with these people :joy:

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