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The current total of money in the new version. Please help!


I’m wondering why the new version has not the current total money which I can see easily on the old version.

The total money is very necessary for Seller. We need to know, how much we have.

I’m switching between version#2 & version#1 to see the total money.

But the version#1 will offline soon. It’s very difficult for me.

Has any way for this problem, Admin?

Thank you.


Reply to @kjblynx:

No kjblynx,

It is the available money, not current total money.

The current total money = Available money + Pending CLearance + Upcoming Earning. In old version, it 's called EST. CURRENT REVENUES, when I click “Manage Sale”, I see it soon.

But from your idea, I go to “Sale” and I realized that I need to add them (Available money + Pending CLearance + Upcoming Earning) together by myself, I will have the number that I find.

Thank you so much!


Why Cannot you just use a calculator and add all of them Available money + Pending CLearance + Upcoming Earning=Total Earning

I think you Have A Calculator in your PC ?

just kidding !! =))


I also noticed this and find it very strange, and inconvenient.

It sees logical to have the total money you have earned showing and yet in the new fiverr you can’t see this.