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The Curse of the TRS Monster 🙀


I never understood why someone would like to have 100 orders in a queue instead of 10 :slight_smile:
If I need a logo or an article then I’d rather hire someone who has enough time for me. I’m not saying they can’t do the job and time doesn’t equal quality, but my personal experience has shown that fast food lines are not really what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is getting off topic.

Regarding TRS, I don’t see why sellers chase it. I’d rather be a PRO.
You skip the ranking algorithm, you won’t lose it so easily, you get the same benefits as TRS and Fiverr will invest a lot more in advertising your gig as opposed to TRS.


I think this is quite valid and is critical for people who are suddenly facing the fact (unfair or fair is not the issue in this thread) that demotions are automatic. Now, if you were to lose your TRS badge and for whatever reason, your sales dropped by half, perhaps you’d need a few months to regain your income.

I don’t know if that would really happen, some people say it has to them. If it did maybe it would be better to have not had the TRS at all. I guess until a lot more TRS get demoted and report their situations, it’s hard to say.


See, I just can’t see that these two things are related. If someone has a quiet period during a holiday then the cause is put down to the holiday. If someone is quiet after demotion then the cause is said to be demotion.

I didn’t get any big boost when I became TRS so I don’t see what I would lose as over half of my sales are repeat at this point anyway.

For anything creative, queues are a serious drain. Well, for me anyway. At one point I had 15 marketing consultations in queue to be done in 7 days and it was a nightmare. Never again. Max of 5 in 10 days now.


well said. in past years TRS badge has real value but now it’s a just badge & nothing else…


I had to think about this, so I wanted to say that I see one difference in your category and some categories. A category that has a good chance for very regularly buyers (like your categories and mine) is probably less likely to lose a huge monthly chunk if they get demoted. The regulars don’t care. Some categories are different. Unless a buyer is a reseller or something, I’d say logos aren’t big for repeat business from one person. My article writing business is so different, many buyers need me until they get their blogs rolling and then they might need me to sustain momentum. Some give up on their blogs and move on, but I can count on many for months.

So - if you were to put yourself in the position of a TRS relying heavily on constant new business, do you think badges might mean more? If so, how does that relate to my question about whether the badge could be a curse? If one is getting new business constantly as a business card designer at level 2 and it increases at TRS due to visibility, could that be a potential liability if they get demoted and are temporarily less visible?


First of all, let me say that you are being modest, and perhaps it’s easy to overlook the knowledge you take for granted. You are well experienced both on the platform and the culture here in the forum. That experience shines through the words you write here. I’m grateful you addressed the topic in the way that you did.

I can relate to this from un-related life experiences. There have been many times in my life where I gained a good reputation and status, only to take that status for granted and think that I was deserving even when I was no longer doing the things that gained me those privileges in the first place. Its a significant “curse”.

For me, it has looked like: Do Good Things -> Rise to Success -> Hubris -> Get Lazy and Assuming -> Devastation. Once I get to the devastation phase, its very challenging to make a comeback.

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and can get out of that cycle, but I can see the hubris starting to creep in and am reminded that I need to provide those finer points of Customer Service that have helped to build my current position.

[edit: I’m not assuming that former TRS fell into that cycle, only that fonthaunt’s post made me think of my own rise and fall from success. If I was a former TRS, that cycle would be the reason]


Maybe this only me feeling this way…

The point I gonna say that fiverr cannot value TRS after introduced PRO. PRO took over TRS spotlight, Chinese wisdom said “One Mountain Cannot have Two Tiger.” Let’s assume all the benefit of Pro gave to TRS, like the PRO button, that little bigger, cooler PRO badges, high ranking in algorithm, fiverr keep promoting the PRO on social network, etc. If TRS have that same advantages, most of the current TRS won’t feel TRS became that 'lame, will ya?

PRO took over TRS Spotlight IMO.


I can totally understand why you feel this way and I think there are plenty of others who agree. I’m sure there are also those who still think TRS and Pro are different enough to have value. I don’t have a strong personal opinion since I’ve never been a TRS or a Pro and I’ve only done Fiverr with full-time hours on and off. (Usually I’m only part time.)

My next question for you and others who agree with you is: if it’s true that Pro really took over and there isn’t room for both, would you rather be a level 2 than a TRS if it was easier to maintain? I am sure the ideal thing would be to be a Pro, no matter what level you were, but if you couldn’t do that do you think the TRS badge has lost it’s luster enough to make it nearly undesirable?

For me, I would not want a TRS badge at this time if staff asked me if I’d rather have a TRS badge or a level 2 badge. I think I would feel more pressured with a TRS badge. I’d know that if my stats dropped and I lost TRS, I would have a hard time getting it back, as opposed to knowing exactly how to earn a level 2 badge back. I think the TRS perks are ok but I don’t think I need them to earn. I could be earning a full-time income with my current badge if I didn’t have limits switched on. (That’s not to brag, I get slow times like everyone, it’s just been very busy for me in the last three months.)


This is very kind of you. I do have a lot of information in my head, some of it totally useless. :smiley: I considered this post to be more of a topic to discuss than any kind of tip or suggestion about what other people should think or do.

I feel like I’ve seen more people in pain due to loss of either TRS badges or to full account bans than any other issues on the forum. Those two seem to hit a lot of people hard, some in the wallet, some in the heart and some in both. I often try to offer suggestions on the forum on how to avoid bans and level losses, but with this TRS thing, I just really started to wonder what others thought about oddities of how TRS loss seems to affect some sellers.

Thanks for your comments! I’ve really enjoyed several of your posts as well.


You can call it conspiracy :slight_smile: but I think that’s what fiverr wanted, which is eliminate TRS or its level system altogether, just be regular or Pro seller, most worried me was fiverr end up become a Pro only platform, who knows?

I thinking that because it’s what I can see what it has transforming recently.


Whilst I believe becoming a higher rank such as TRS will boost sales, I am a new seller and I’m always on the first page when you search my tags. Actually, I tend to be one of the top 4 gigs on the page. I’ve overtaken many Level 1/2 sellers. Ranks certainly do not hold you back. I have accumulated over $3000 in less than 2 months and this is only my side hobby. With 65 orders completed, I average around 2300 impressions and 140 clicks per day. I would have been a level 1 seller if I didn’t receive the false violation (I created an entire post about this ridiculous warning).


It is still difficult to know - I mean, has anyone got any real evidence that being a TRS improves sales? There are plenty of TRS in most categories yet people also hire those with other or no levels. As I have said many times before, there have been VERY few buyers who mentioned my level.
Needless to say, having a business set up where you constantly need new clients and rely on a third party for these clients is hella risky. Anyone who offers such services should add complimentary services - eg. Logo designers should add specific business-focused graphic design services etc. to turn one-off clients into regulars.

Again, the question is, does TRS give you more visibility? It is likely that the promotion to TRS comes with improved performance (earnings, orders, repeats etc) and that a demotion comes with (Fiverr perceived) lower performance. It could well be the effects of the lower performance (cancellations, lates, account warning etc) that causes a decrease in ranking and therefore, sales.

I know I am not giving particularly straight answers here but I really just don’t see that TRS gives all the success that people think or expect it to.


I would say that it gives you at the least more visibility to the people who use the level filters to expressly look for TRSs.
I don’t know how many people use the seller level filters, of course, but I imagine that filter does get use, or Fiverr probably would have done away with it, and I’ve used it myself several times when looking to buy a gig.

When people use the TRS filter, they’ll only see TRSs, and won’t be tempted to buy from someone else than a TRS. It’s not an in-your-face filter as the Pro filter, of course, but it’s there.

The Monster? Looks like an awesome pet, I’m willing to take the risk. :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I absolutely want that badge, I actually don’t care about the badge and the title itself anymore since they did all the revamping and changes with Pro and the levels and trashed the shiny “You’re a Fiverr rockstar” along with the golden star which now to me just looks like some yellow weirdly shaped badge thingie that looks less stylish than the level 1 and 2 badges :wink: .

It’s like the shiny and fun of it drained away somehow with the “rockstar” flair of pre-SLD-Fiverr.

So, I don’t really see the TRS Monster

(though another monster, but that elephant stands in the room for so long already that we probably mostly got used to it by now and ran out of steam to keep up our air of rightful indignation about it, and even pet it every once in a while, when we walk past it, lost in thought)

and I’d take the badge already for the 7 days clearance (which would be a real boon in some scenarios :wink: ), but I don’t actively pursue it, and I wouldn’t be out of my mind either of joy or of fear.

I do my work and expect to get paid for it, and to be treated fairly when anything out of the ordinary happens, never mind my level.

If the monster catches up with me and it actually leads to more good sales, projects, clients, revenue, less time spent for the same revenue, I’ll try to make it feel comfy on my sofa, so it will stick around, and I won’t say I don’t want it in the first place because maybe later I’ll lose it and then it will s!ck. I’ll see about that later.

That elephant monster though, that’s a curse for sure (Zeus, please don’t draw it, else I might start liking it too).


The same could be said of any of the other filters though.
I have used the filter too but have also used the others. Besides, experienced buyers will know that hiring a TRS is still not a guarantee of quality.


I actually had that in my comment too before, all of it and more, about the quality thing, etc. but deleted it again before posting, because while it is true, I found it a bit off-topic then.


There are several reasons why these two things are related.

I run through the search after every St Levels to see if my competition has gone up or down. After the last St Levels, I noticed that an exciting looking Pro seller is now just a humble level 2. This made me think “ha ha, you’re :poop:” (Though obviously, I know Pros don’t suffer St Levels).

In short, its all about branding. People don’t buy any kind of product or service instantly. Sane consumers figure out what they want. Then they search for what they want. Then they start going backwards and forwards between different product or service listings. At the same time, different products and services catch their eye which they make a mental note to remember.

This (I would assume) is how TRS benefits sellers long term. They garner more attention by being visibly different and offering presumably more trustworthy services. Suddenly take the gold star away and I as a buyer think, “mmhh… something’s not quite right there.”

In mind of the above, I would definitely feel less inclined to buy from a former TRS badge holder priced visibly higher than other Level 2 sellers. - Especially now that at first glance, everyone seems to have an equal number of reviews.

Say just 5 people share this mentality. That’s five fewer sales. Fewer sales and fewer reviews then see gigs start sliding in the search.

Then there is the repeat buyer problem. Say I buy from a TRS seller regularly for a service which I don’t really understand like web design. So far, I’m really happy with the results. However, I’ve just noticed that my seller has been demoted to Level 2. Does this mean that all along, I could have been getting better for less elsewhere? Maybe I should try a different, cheaper seller next week (or someone who is still a TRS seller) and find out.

To make it really simple, removal of a TRS badge is like removing the coca cola logo and replacing it with a disclaimer that reads ‘STILL COKE.’ - It’s a huge branding faux pas and not one to be taken lightly.


I’m with Eoin on this one.
Now that we have PROs I highly doubt TRS get much promotion if any. I can’t recall any emails about it nor notifications, but I have received emails about PRO even after the launch.

I do use level filters, but I usually just filter out newbies when I have a demanding request with a tight deadline. I’m not saying newbies can’t deliver, but I just don’t want to be the first one to test them. I might hire them for a different project. I don’t specifically filter our TRS because in some categories the selection is so small.

Never had that problem, but I guess there are different people out there.
I’ve gone to level 0 twice now and I didn’t lose a single regular. None of my clients care and my prices were way above average even before I reached level 2.

I’m not saying it’s a rule, but I’ve never had to lower my prices due to some badge to stay in the competition :slight_smile:


Other users may have experienced the complete opposite. :wink:


Or maybe they think it’s because of the badge while actually it isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
You know, bringing your lucky pen to every business meeting to make sure it goes well.


Wow, I thought da PROs didn’t have to worry about evals or should I say they’ve gota different set of rules since they were recruited. I don’t think it’s the lad in the fedora right?