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The customer isn't always right!

Hello everyone! I’ve been on Fiverr since Oct. 2014 and, overall, it’s been a fantastic experience! About 99% of the buyers I’ve worked with have been excellent and it’s been a pure joy to be involved in this community. But, every so often, I get a request from a buyer that doesn’t feel right. As sellers we ought to strive to do our best to satisfy our customers as long as it’s within the TOS and something that makes us as feel good about the services we offer. Another way to say this is to trust your gut instinct at times. I’m going to point out two activities that I’ve recently come across in my own gigs:

  1. Asking for services up front or for a “sample” before even starting a gig.

    I don’t even entertain these and I don’t think you should as well. I politely, but firmly, state that I’d be happy to begin work once an order is set up. One of the great things about Fiverr is that serious buyers set up an order and put money down before we, as sellers, even begin work! If your contact is serious enough about wanting to use you, they’ll set up an order. Remember the saying “put your money where your mouth is” - it applies here as well. This is one of the things I love about Fiverr because it provides an extra layer of security that freelancing outside of Fiverr doesn’t (speaking from ten years experience as a freelancer).

  2. Asking for extra services not included in your gig.

    I’ve only had this happen once where a buyer, who had been particularly demanding and difficult much of the time with me, randomly decided that he wanted an extra step taken AFTER the work had been completed and delivered. I simply told him that not only was his request outside the terms of my gig but it was requested after the job was completed - so I couldn’t help him out. His response was suddenly “well then we cannot do business!” I let him know that not only was it unprofessional, it was unethical for him to have me do all of the work, deliver it and then change our agreement last minute. (Side note - creating clear and concise terms in your gig is key to setting proper expectations as well as protecting yourself should a buyer make a request outside of those terms!)

    We want to keep our customers happy and we want to make our businesses successful! But don’t become a doormat! Stand firm but always be professional and polite! Keep it about the TOS and avoid taking things to a personal level. If a buyer is being unreasonable, try to reason with that person to an extent then just let it drop. If needed, leave a negative review. If it escalates even further, contact customer support. That’s what they’re there for. Sure the buyer may retaliate but if you’re doing the right things and conducting yourself in a professional and ethical manner - it will shine through.

    These two points are simple. But so often we can be tempted to make an exception or go the extra mile for our clients. There’s wisdom in that other old saying “KISS - keep it simple, stupid!” :stuck_out_tongue:

    Happy selling (and buying!)


Nothing annoys more than a buyer asking for extras after the job is done. Could you do this? Also this? That would also look nice. I have mentioned in the description that any work not discussed before ordering will be charged extra. But some people have learnt to use rating system against us.

That’s really a shame Kay. I’ve experienced it too. Thankfully it happens a little less to me on Fiverr but when freelancing outside of this site, it happens to me A LOT! I like your method of saying only agreed upon work will be delivered.