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The "customers that almost made me want to quit" thread

I don’t know about you, but certain buyers I’ve found completely insufferable.

I just had a shitty experience with one right now, who threatened to file a complaint against me.

I have hundreds of happy customers, but sometimes it seems I just need to met one to ruin it all for me and make me want to quit fiverr. Impatient, rude, accuses you of being rude, expects you to be at your computer 24/7, etc etc

What are your story, fiverrfolk? The bad, the ugly, the worst?

Reply to @anubisven: My biggest pet peeve is people who think they own you for 5$. Or those who use emotional manipulation to get what they want out of you. Or drama queens who overblow everything.

I had my one-day response time called “disturbing” after I had given the client an update that the drawing was almost finished - I was a bit over the deadline, but the image was getting done and delivered soon. He said he was “forced” to cancel because of my lack of response. Like, really? Disturbing? Children dying in Africa is disturbing, not my lack of response for 20 hours (and then 30 minutes, complicated story). Give me a break.

i really dislike childish temper tantrums and manipulation. I don’t mind when a client isn’t satisfied and cancels, but let’s all be professional about it, hmm.

You’ve given me awesome advice, thank you! You are the seller Fiverr needs. Buyers need to learn that we are people, not service automatons/

Reply to @russflex: I’ve had clients like these, but for the most part they were reasonable. I can do 5 days instead of 8 as a deadline, for example.

Then I’ve had clients who wanted it super fast, they got something not as detailed as they would have if they had ordered the extra (fast, the same quality as for clients who pay more and cheap? not gonna happen ) and then start moaning about it. I’m not going to prioritize your cheap butt over an honest paying customer :slight_smile:

I’m not like other sellers in here, If a seller want more than the gig states? sure i will give him BUT i always draw the line and don’t let them go any further,You are rude to me? I wont let you be,You threatening me? I wont let you.

Don’t be aggressive , just be calm and tell them you don’t and won’t accept that kind of treatment,and if they go any further you will go to support.

One funny thing these type of buyers do is to make up a problem after getting what they want so when you reply they tell you something like how do you treat your customers like this, Or this service is horrible give me back my money.

And you will see stuff like this all the time in here,The perfect solution is to tell them that you already delivered what they wanted and you would gladly go to support to resolve this,They know they will lose so believe me they will stop.

TLDR : Don’t let them disrespect you,Don’t let them threaten you,Don’t let them ask for more in a rude way,to give them more than the gig states is solely your choice,not their RIGHT to get more for less.

BUT: due to fiverr’s new treatment against sellers,now they don’t remove negatives even if its a scammer who admits that he is just scamming,they wont take action if he threatens you and the examples are too many in here, so until they get back to their even back then unbalanced system in favor of buyers i don’t see everything i said working so well -_-

I once had a buyer (she hasn’t contacted me in months, thankfully), who would somehow always have some sort of emergency, where she needed the gig the next day, but just couldn’t pay for the “outrageous” extra fast option. She would order and leave the most passive-aggressive messages about giving me bad ratings or messaging my other buyers to tell them I was a scammer if I didn’t fulfill her requests–which were always outrageous. One time she placed and order, left instructions that she needed the article in three hours, but she needed an hour or so to get the real instructions together. Yeah, because I’m just sitting at my computer, waiting to immediately fill your every request…

Even though I asked her repeatedly to stop ordering, or in the very least, to order with a reasonable time frame, she just kept on. I brought it on myself, I know, by continuing to do the work every time she asked. It was so stressful and because I couldn’t block her from ordering, I seriously considered shutting down and moving to a different website just to be rid of her.

I was still new to the Fiverr game and afraid of cancellations. Eventually I grew a pair and told her that if she couldn’t figure out her topics and remember to order at least a week before she needed something, she’d better find someone else. Maybe she did? Maybe she’ll message me tomorrow and demand another article. I’m not afraid of cancelling now!

Reply to @emasonwrites: Many buyers lately seem to want things done faster than the time set on my gigs. They don’t want to use extra fast either. It’s bad enough I’m working for such low money, but they also want speed on top of that. So, if I don’t deliver every gig within 24 hours they will leave me a low star rating.

As for cancellations, I’m not afraid to use them. There are some people you simply cannot work with and it is better to do a cancellation than to risk negative feedback.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Wow, what a horror story!

Fiverr needs to implement a block option already. It’s long overdue.

I havent had a bad actual buyer but have had a couple who really put an effort in trying to get multiple gigs done without placing an order. One wanted me to do a 5 hour pre-order job as a sample -> (not gona happen ever).

I HATE when buyers get pushy and rude and request faster delivery times than what they paid for. I constantly get messages on order pages that go something like this:

– I’m running on a tight deadline and need this in 2 days.

– Are you kidding? My order is going to take 14 days? Can you send it sooner?

– My order is shorter, so you should be able to deliver it quicker.

– Since your gig time is 14 days, I ordered now, but I won’t be able to send my file until next week sometime. (Basically, they activated an empty order way in advance of actually being ready to avoid having to pay for fast delivery.)

– I know your gig page says 14 days, but I didn’t think that was real!

– I have a tight budget so can you just make an exception?

I always do my best to be nice and friendly, even when dealing with such rude, childish behavior, so I have a canned response that I always send politely explaining that expedited delivery requires the purchase of my gig extra for that service. Otherwise, I work on all other gigs in the order in which I receive them, and they’ll receive their delivery when they’re next in line.

But the secret, non-polite version would go something like this:

Really? REALLY?? My standard delivery time is clearly displayed in big, bold text right on my gig page for each buyer to review and consider before ordering. You can’t miss it, and I’m not buying your story that “you had no idea” it would take 2 weeks. If you want fast service, you’re going to have to pay for it, just like everyone else (no, you’re not special). Otherwise, you’ll have to wait in line with the rest of the standard delivery orders until I get to yours. Or I’d be more than happy to cancel and wash my hands of you, meaning that you’ve just wasted the past 2 days trying to haggle with me over delivery time.

Ahhh, felt good to get that out! :slight_smile:

I wonder if that is why Fiverr thinks that Buyers are reasonable. We keep fulfilling their unreasonable requests.

Lately, I have been getting “can you deliver in 24 hours” requests. Since ARS implementation, I get $5 orders without prior contact and they’ll say in their instructions something like "I know this may cost more, but I’m hoping you can do it for $5 and next time I will tip you"

Yea, I’ll hold my breath.

Reply to @steveeyes: That’s the funniest one, “next time I will tip you.” Yeah…I’m sure you will, buyer. I’m sure you will. (Though I have had a few buyers who actually do come back and drop a tip.) Or saying, “If you do extra work for me this time, I’ll have a lot more regular work for you down the road.” Great, because I’m sure you won’t be over-demanding or unreasonable down the road.

this happens to me all the time, its the reason why i only offer 1 gig and there is no way that anyone could not be pleased with it.

Screw the customers. Im done with their dumb demands and not been able to read before purchasing.

I have had issues like, for example.

I used to offer android platformer game, people will order and go " yo , i want a mmoRPG with ads " …im like…for real? For $5 you want me to not only do a custom android game but a mmorpg? with ads?

Then they go " oh so you are not up to the challenge?"

i reply… - are you kidding me ? LOL

Then they cancel the order.

I think fiverr takes advantages of those who actually need $5 , but not me, im sorry.

I also have a real job so when i see users that want something huge for $5 i just look the other way. There is no need for me to give a customer something worth thousands of dollars for only a few bucks.

@biancha, @emasonwrites, @steveeyes, @nickih, @mgjohn78

Ok, at this point I just CANNOT resist replying. I’ve had students - all independent Entrepreneurs - come to me with EXACTLY the problems you’ve posted here!

And by the way, these were all “brick and mortar” businesses - no online workers/freelancers.

So the first lesson is: All these problems happen in the “real” world too, not just the “virtual” world.

Ok, enjoy the laughs! :slight_smile:

Biancha: Customer says: "Oh… so you are not up to the challenge?"

You say: "Sure I am! Your cost for this upgrade will be five hundred bucks!"

Customer replies: "Are you nuts!!!?"

You say: “Oh… so you are not up to the challenge?”


eMason: Customer says: "If you do extra work for me this time, I’ll have a lot more regular work for you down the road."

You say: “Tell ya what… On the day you have purchased and completed your TENTH gig with me… ALL with 5-star reviews… I will do extra work for you as a bonus… I know, I’m too generous… it’s one of my greatest faults!”


Steve-E: Customer says: "Do all this extra work for me, and next time I will tip you."

You say: “Tip me now, and the NEXT gig you buy from me, I’ll do extra work!”


Nicki: (By the way, I LOVE the non-Politically-Correct version!) :slight_smile:

Customer says: "I have a tight budget so can you just make an exception?"

You say: “I have a huge workload with tight deadlines, so can you just make an exception and agree that I’ll deliver your gig in 140 days?”


John: Customer says: "You should do a gig’s worth of work as a ‘Sample’, so I can see if your work is good enough for me!"

You say: “You should buy my Tip Gig as a ‘Sample’, so I can see if your Paypal account works good enough for me!”


I have created my little black book of customers I will not work for again. Once your on my list of banned customers, all you’ll get from me is a cancellation!!!

After about 25 gigs successfully completed, I’m now at an 8% cancellation ratio due to impulsive buyers with short attention spans and poor reading comprehension that cannot be bothered to read the description of my gig. Thinking of leaving here soon unless the playing field is leveled a bit with this whole cancellation mess.

someone who can’t not even place the order and who don’t understand that they need to submit information to start the order? Plus that is after 5-7 mutual cancelation I sent because they did it wrong. Now I’m thinking what would happen when I explain the ARS to them.

Reply to @emasonwrites: You know, that must be the standard line" I will come back with more orders" So the last time I heard that, when a buyer wanted a 500$ job done for 5$, pre-order (thanks goodness) Do you know, how many people tell me that they will come back with more orders? Actually, you need to get in line with all the people that promise imaginary future work and gigs and lets get real hear, you know as much as I know, what you want to achieve can not be done with 5$, so when you have a real and realistic budget for this project, you may contact me again. Other then that, don’t waste my time and yours, cause time is valuable for all of us.

Works pretty good for me…

Hi everyone! I’m pretty new here (around 22 days, actually), yet I see a growing trend of these buyers who 1) do not read a gig in its entirety, b) don’t answer messages until long after I’ve delivered the order, and c) when they finally do write back, sometimes 3-4 days after I have moved on to another project, they want a modification, or like this last customer, doesn’t leave me any comment, but lowers my overall rating with no apparent reason.

Every single customer beside this last one has been very pleased, yet without a real way to get into contact with some customers, how can we be certain that they will leave the required information before they hit the starting countdown button?

Reply to @mimie01: I should remember to use that the next time it happens.

Now, I’m at a 13% cancellation ratio due to a few more nit-wit buyers who can’t bother to read my clear instructions before ordering the gig, or to submit the requirements needed to place their order. Argghhh.