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The cutest puppy on Fiverr is FINALLY back!


After a rough 2 weeks post surgery. Phil is ready to get back to work again! If you haven’t seen my gig already, my wife and I will photograph our cute, rare Japanese breed puppy, with your sign. We use a high quality camera to deliver our best photos, in just 24 hours or less! Don’t miss out on this. We can’t stay 24 hours forever.

If you have any questions about the gig, feel free to ask them here!

Shhhh! Order from this forum and let me know, and we’ll throw in more than just 3 photos. We take about 100 photos per photo shoot, and send only the absolutely best ones. Our last gig just got 8, all different angles and Phil doing different things.


Aww! Good luck! And I hope Phil is doing well.


Thanks! Once he got his cone off he was back to his normal self!