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The Darkness Strikes Again

Hi Fiver’ss
This is not a post about Star Wars or Baby Yoda . It’s about the dark hole of no sales in the first week of January. I don’t understand how sales suddenly hit a wall and then gain strength again. Just venting in the hope the Fiverr G-ds are listening. Have you experienced a slump in January? Here is a cute Baby Yoda never the less…


Like last January I’m having the best month I’ve had in a year. But then my most popular gig made a comeback to visibility finally over the holidays after a year long disappearance caused by editing it, so that probably accounts for the rise in orders.


I had a pretty bad month in November, December was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiit better but still low, January so far…well, kinda-sorta slow, but overall OK. Can’t complain much.
May the force be with you.


Same fate this side.
No inquiry as well since December 20th. May be in 7 days I would lose my seller level if I do not get any work.
My analysis is there is a dearth of buyer flow in Feverr possibly, because the number of Buyer’s Requests are also pretty less.
No idea when the flow would start again.

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Just for that I drew a gif wishing everyone to have enough orders :laughing: :see_no_evil:


After I went OOO for Thanksgiving things really slowed down for me. Now January is busy again.

@mariashtelle1 I love your gif. :heart:


Trust someone to answer with more talent than me :clinking_glasses: :joy:


Calling my slump a slump would be like calling a blue whale a big fish. Curiously, I’ve now also noticed a pattern in slumps.

Last summer, I had someone message me saying something along the lines of "I need this asap, please respond promptly if you can do it."

It was an hour after they sent their message that I started replying, Then mid-way through typing, I got the "this buyer can no longer be contacted, this message is viewable only to you." notification. - i.e. The buyer blocked me.

Straight afterward, my sales fell off a cliff.

Now just before Christmas, a similar thing happened. This time, I told a buyer I couldn’t help and they responded with an evil message about how I was a scammer and they were going to repot me. Then they too blocked me.

Immediately, sales dropped off a cliff. I was expecting sales to be slower over Christmas anyway, but I immediately made a mental note to see a month from then if sales were once again going slow as a result of a buyer blocking me. - And to me, there seems to be a correlation.

All my other stats are fine, it just seems to be that event that brings the dust balls rolling through. In this case, have you been blocked by anyone recently?


Slow January Strikes Again.

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I got a harassing message about two months ago from someone and said simply “stop harassing me” and they then blocked me but didn’t see any drop in orders from that. However, I in return blocked them just in case they unblocked me and started annoying me again, so maybe that served as a buffer.

If anyone does that again block them even though they first blocked you and see if it helps.

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I think the slightest sneeze or delay and Fiverr taps us on the nose like a tortoise

Same bro. don’t know what’s going on.

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Every month feels like a slump for me so far. It doesn’t even feel like anything new. :laughing:
I wonder if I’ll ever see a post about a good busy month here.


After a really slow December, came an even slower January.

If it weren’t for a few Pro sales this month, January would have been my worst month in years.

Re: suspicious slow down after weird messages, it is true that when people block us or take the secret survey (there’s a different one just for messages) or even worse report us/flag us to CS, the algo takes that into consideration.

There’s a grace period that when x time passed and no new valid flags appear, it’s back to business as usual. Getting new sales in also helps.

This is my own personal conclusion based on my own personal experience with the platform ever since the algo changed.


I’ve never gotten a survey after I messaged anyone, are you sure about that?

Yes. I am positive.

There used to be a button that asked you whether or not the response you got was helpful.

It’s been a while since I got one, but please note this only appears if you initiate the conversation with a seller as a buyer.

After selecting no, you were then able to write a private review giving your reasons.


May I message you? I’ve never seen this.

Here you go:

That was two years ago. I’m not sure they still have it. I thought I would have seen it myself by now.

Well okie dokie.

Since you don’t see it, it probably doesn’t exist.

Like I said it’s been a while since I’ve seen it myself.

But blocking, flagging, reporting messages definitely feeds the algo input about a seller’s communication skills.