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The dates of my sales are bad

The dates of my sales are wrong and for that reason I was not credited for my work earned value! Why?

Edit: Preserving my first response since poor @feltonlegal tried so hard to help! Thanks @feltonlegal. This is my shot at what I would have said if I hadn’t felt bombarded:

Estoy dando a este un intento con Google translate. Por favor, ponga todas sus preguntas en un solo mensaje. Si usted puede traducir a Inglés que podría ayudar. Estoy seguro de que hay algunos que hablan español en los foros, sin embargo.

Since you see fit to blast everyone with your spam, I’m going to say what I think. Your logo is awful and hurts my eyes. Your spam is ridiculous. I would never buy from you, ever.

Oh - if anyone wants to translate my comments for free, go for it. :wink:

Hmmm, I haven’t taken Spanish since my Junior year in undergrad, but here goes:

The dates of my sales are wrong and for that reason I was not credited for the value of my work!

whoops, I read it wrong @fonthaunt LOL. I have no clue how to say spam in Spanish so I will skip the first sentence and sum it up to:

!No Spamming! Su logo es horrible y me duelen los ojos . Tu correo no deseado es ridiculo. Yo nunca comprar a usted , nunca.-Fonthaunt

Reply to @feltonlegal: Oh even better - you translated the original post? I figured it was an ad but I only took 1 semester of Spanish which prepared me for… nothing.

Reply to @feltonlegal: I liked your first one anyway! I thought it said “BUY ME NOW.” Yours was much more interesting.

@fonthaunt, I replied to one of his first posts as well since I was translating them (roughly with my broken Spanish LOL). I think he really needs help as all of his posts seem valid- he probably just doesn’t realize how “spammish” it looks with all the back to back posts! I told him to use Google translate and just write his questions in English. It must be really difficult to be a newbie and not understand the language. If Fiverr were in Spanish I would be so lost myself!

Reply to @feltonlegal: Gracias por tu comprensión y ayuda. Pensé que alguien que hable español, podría ayudarme aquí, pero veo que no es tan fácil.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I thought someone who speaks Spanish, could help here, but I see it is not easy.

Reply to @kjblynx: I see my logo has caused you discomfort, so soon will upload a photo to my profile. Thanks anyway