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The day I was due to get my Level 2 back


Actually, it wasn’t cancellations that got me demoted.

This is the reason I was given:

“To keep my response precise, the reasons why the Top Rated level was removed from your account was due to your decreasing sales performance and inappropriate behavior to our staff.”. He then went on further to talk about harrassment (which is linked to later on with the multiple tickets on the same issue)

When pushed by what he meant by decreasing sales performance, he gave this response:

“You have not made a sale in 4 weeks”

Which was true.

That brings me back to the “inappropriate behavior to our staff” part.

At the time, i had been removed from the searches due to a glitch. EVery time I sent a ticket to it, they said “we can’t help it”. i literally appeared NOWHERE in the searches adn they agreed that was the case and there was no reason for it.

On the 28th day of not taking a sale, I sent a ticket seeing if the glitch had been fixed.

They sent me a copy and pasted reply saying:

“Position in searches is not guaranteed”

They didn’t read my ticket at all. So I said “please get somebody else to answer the damn ticket and get them to read it”

Within about 2 minutes of that being sent, I lost my TRS.

Then, to be doubly harsh he removed my UK flag and told me if I wanted to prove I was from the UK, I had to record a video and give a voiceover for the gig because apparently I was falsly misrepresenting myself.

Not once were cancellations mentioned, and back then I barely had any. I had about 10 total.


Thanks for explaining.

Maybe I’ve been lucky, I think I have 20 gigs, not all of them perform equally well. When I got account warnings it was related to how I was treating buyers, with CS I’ve always been very polite.

I still don’t understand how you managed to get a queue of 60. I wonder if Fiverr is hiding your gig because they think you don’t have enough time to deliver all of them in 3 days?

I don’t know, who knows how Fiverr works? Is it all the algorithm or are there other forces at work?

My main gig had issues disappearing, but after a few complaints, it doesn’t disappear anymore. I’m also not changing the gig title and I try not to write anything in the gig description that will have to change, such as prices.


Increase your prices or stop complaining.


Well, I keep saying it because from my perspective, I’m not on Fiverr to be #1 in queue, I’m here to make the most money with the least work. 60 orders in a queue is way too much for me, I would have to work 8-12 hours a day. At $5 per gig, my earnings would be $240. That’s not enough.

I’m happy getting 5 to 15 orders a day, and making $50 to $100 a day.

I still have a few packages at $5 because every order you get improves your placement listings, and builds your queue, and results in positive reviews, and maybe even second and third orders for much more than $5.

Still, I admire Ryan’s willingness to get so many orders, but those forced cancellations over lateness scare me. A 1-star review doesn’t scare me, because I know how buyers can be, but a forced cancellation makes me wonder if the seller will deliver on time?


Off topic, but what makes Level down?
Is there any documented calculations ?
Or just as soon as you fall below 4.5 star you loose your current level?


I read an explanation about it here.


The queue of 60 is because somebody placed 30 individual orders.

I then started advertising my services on Facebook and drove traffic to my gig. I actually have 2 gigs now, and most of the traffic SHOULD be going to the other gig, although that only took 6 orders.


You actually need to go to 4.4 stars to go from Level 2 to Level 1 according to customer support. I assume it would automatically drop at 4.4. But, it certainly will not drop automatically between those points.

I lost my level for using the gig extension thing to extend past 30 days, which apparently is a massive crime.


Thankfully, somebody who cancelled 3 times in a row (despite having the content) reordered today and left feedback. I gave a response to that feedback to explain the cancellations.


Me disappearing from the searches had nothing to do with my prices :wink:


Back in the 1970s, it wasn’t unusual for a 1,000 word article to be commissioned for $1,000…and I’m not even factoring in inflation.


Yes, and your average computer was the size of house and even then couldn’t get you online.

Freelancing does have its shortcomings but I would prefer to stay here in 2017 rather than go back to the 1970’s.


Of course, but my point was that $400 is not “completely crazy.” People writing 1,000 word articles for $5 is what’s crazy.

…and maybe there are days where I fantasize about trading my computer for a typewriter, but of course, there were plenty of other issues with the era.


It is crazy and it isn’t crazy. If you need a killer sales copy for a product and some finally tuned and tweaked to the extreme marketing content, $1,000 per 1,000 words is a fair price. If, however, you need that kind of quality and can afford it, you don’t hit up a seller on Fiverr. You use a PR and marketing firm which is in your budget and which has a steady track record working with some leading brands.

On the flip side of the coin, PR and content marketing is a huge part of both SEO and successful social media marketing. In order to work, though, you need to be publishing new content daily or at least weekly. This being the case, unless you have a giant pile of money appear on your doorstep every morning along with a little note saying, “burn me,” you’re likely not going to pay $400 - $1,000 per piece of content marketing content.

$5 - $25 is a very fair price for such content.


Which completely ignores the amount of time it takes to produce such content. Minimum wage where I live converts to about $9.80 USD per hour. For the sake of simplicity, let’s round up to $10. So, a 1,000 word article written in half an hour is completely reasonable? I can’t even imagine the quality of such of a piece.


You have a fair point.


Price your own work at $400 - $1,000 if you want to. It doesn’t change the fact that if you are a freelancer you have to compete with people who will work for as little if not less than $5. No one cares what your living costs are or what the minimum wage is in your area when you are talking about a global marketplace. You either have to swallow that and find a way to earn what you need to, or you need to find a good wall to shout at.


Which is why, I personally, do not offer writing services on this platform. My whole point was that it is incorrect to call $400 “completely crazy.”


Online threads on how to scam you??? say what now???


I could write 1000 compelling words inside of thirty minutes, while dancing the jig on a tricycle, performing as Christopher Walken and steadily hold the attention of epilepsy patients throughout the duration.

Would I know to include maximized SEO efforts in the process… No… Does that make it worth it? Well, that depends on my Christopher Walken.

Edit: I don’t have a dog in this fight (or a writing gig) I just wanted to get that Chris Walken reference in.