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The deadline for my gig is coming up and My buyer hasn't answered my Questions what can I do?


I write reviews for mobile apps. I received a few gigs Friday which I’m unable to complete due to issues with the apps I’m testing. I’ve messaged each of the buyers on their gigs, one hasn’t gotten back to me, and the other two are working on helping me resolve the situation. My deadlines are coming up tomorrow and I’m unable to deliver the gigs. What can I do? I don’t want to not meet my deadline, but I also can’t complete it without the buyers assistance.

Thanks in advance



That has happen to me before as well. The previous comments left are two methods I use. Sometimes I click “deliver work” and write, "Hey. I’m still waiting on your response so I can complete your order. I’m marking it order as complete to avoid being penalized for being late. Don’t worry, I will complete the necessary tasks as soon as I hear back from you. I hope everything is okay. Message me as soon as you can. Thanks. :-)"

If you think the seller won’t have his stuff together, I wouldn’t request a “mutual cancellation” days prior to the completion date, I would do it at the last minute (either a day before or an hour before). That way you can have more time in case he is busy for the holiday and just running a little behind on responding.

I would send this message with the mutual cancellation request:

“Hey. I haven’t heard back from you yet. I understand its the holiday, and you may need some more time to get me the necessary information to complete your order. If you’re ready now, please abort the cancellation, and provide me with the necessary information. If you need a little more time, accept my cancellation, and order again as soon as you’re ready. Thanks again for ordering. I look forward to completing your project. :-)”


I’ve never had that issue. If you do a mutual cancellation whether its 3 days before or the day of, only two things happen. One) after 2 days, it’ll cancel automatically. Two) they’ll keep the order, if they keep the order then they’re ready to move forward. If that happens and don’t want to be late, then do the first method I mention, click “deliver work”, and leave a message informing them you want to stop the clock. I’ve never had a bad review nor anyone upset at me for doing either method.

But to each’s own.


I think you should ask for mutual cancellation. If they’re interested, they will respond. Otherwise, forget about it. Gig will be cancelled.



Reply to @madmoo: It’s all about how you word things. :wink:


What happened was a couple of the apps I was reviewing has a major bug in them and I can’t review the app honestly because It’s not working. I’ve been trying to give them time to reply to me because of the holiday. I got responses early on but the past three days I haven’t heard from them. I went with @musiclover 's deliver with promise to complete the task as soon as they can tell me how to solve the issue i’m having with their apps.

Thanks everyone for your reponses. I was starting to panic.

oldbittygrandma said: I would then on my end, not only place the order in delivery status, I would also STAR that order.

What happens when you star an order?

oldbittygrandma said: I realize the OP has taken action, but let me ask the discussion members... If a mutual cancellation is initiated on the day that the order is due, and if the buyer does not respond, won't the order be in very late status BEFORE the mutual cancellation auto completes, thus leaving a window of where the buyer gets an email from Fiverr stating the order can be cancelled based on late status which would result in a canned negative feedback comment "seller failed to deliver on time"???

Yup, but I am afraid that the buyer may come back with negative feedback if you deliver nothing even just to stop the clock. Isn't that something to be concerned about?

oldbittygrandma said: Right. I guess my point from my previous post explains that Bruce....that you initiate a mutual cancellation not on the "day of" but 3 days prior, allowing enough time for the mutual cancel to auto-complete.



Ok I have a question, newbie here I have to admit, but only to Fiverr not to the whole business. I have a gig where I offer to rewrite parts of people’s websites for them, either if they want a new website from a different angle or just to give their existing one a facelift. I offer to do 1000 words in 48 hours and people can order up to 2 gigs at a time to cope with demand etc. I state in my instructions that they person has to provide the content that they wish rewriting, along with the keywords they are targeting and the feel of how they want the new piece to go. Someone has just ordered a gig and simple given me two keywords, no other information including the original copy. I don’t have 3 days to do a mutual cancel as there is only 48 hours for the gig. I can’t get started on the gig without the information and I am not prepared to write the article for this gig, as it is contrary to the particular gig and I don’t want to risk negative feedback. I have contacted the buyer to no avail yet and have also contacted customer services, but I wondered if I could get your more experienced input? Nici


I’m not sure how it works if you start a mutual cancellation and it goes into a late status. Since the order is in dispute, will the buyer get a message about a late delivery and have the option to cancel? If that does happen, you could try contacting Customer Support and explain the situation. It would be unwarranted feedback since a mutual cancellation was initiated, which should prevent a late order.

I would be tempted to leave a note within the order about the buyer failing to get into contact and then talk to Customer Support about them cancelling the order. They will be able to cancel the order before the time runs out and the buyer has the explanation of why the order had to be cancelled - and it avoids having to force the cancellation and receiving an automatic negative.


i also ask the customer support in a case like that because it would not affect my rating if they cancel the order and the buyer get his money back