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The deepweb client


I’m David and I’m months old at Fiverr. This new client shows up and ask me if I can deploy some software at TOR hidden service. Nothing is illegal here so I accept. Little I know about the software had no documentation and is full of bugs. Sadly the software has serious bugs and the description only asked me to deploy. I deploy and soon harassment began like “this why I need to maintain ppl like you on leash with money”, “you are too emotional, will never be able to make money” because of the lack of functionality.

I report their software problems to developers and said this is as far I can go. Got two bad reviews because of this client, reporting to fiverr give no results.

Bonus: got contacted again asking for bank account in my country and got asked to laundry stolen paypal account money for him. Blocked for good.

8/13 orders give me 5 star and tip, now because of this psico I’m 4.5.

Stay away from clients doing grey/black jobs

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Very good advice. I’m sorry this happened to you but it was a good lesson for the future.


Thank you for notified this, it is very important to know our clients are not bad people

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