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The Definitive Guide: Why Website Speed is Important for Your Business (2020)

Everyone hates a slow website. Did you know, you have less than 15 seconds to get and hold the attention of customers when they come to your website? A slow-loading website is indicative of a poorly constructed site. A slow website turns away visitors but also has a significant impact on your business overall.

In this article, we are going to cover the major topics of how a slow website is hurting your business

  1. User experience
  2. SEO ranking
  3. High rounce rate
  4. Loss of traffic
  5. Impact on the revenue

User Experience:

When it comes to user experience website load speed is the most important aspect. To create a better first impression give your visitors what they’re looking for and give it to them fast. As your website loads quickly, your customer will consider it as a professional and reliable website.

On the other hand, a slow loading website makes people frustrated and untrustworthy. As soon as your visitors are not happy you lose your potential customers. Which is something not good for your business.

SEO Ranking:

Page loading speed considered one of the most important Google search engine factors. User experience and page load time have combined in a way that, the user experience of a website is now affected by page load time. Slow page speed will hold you back from ranking higher. which ultimately leads to a massive loss of revenue.

High Bounce Rate:

Let me first describe to you, what exactly the high bouche rate really is. When a visitor visits your site on any page and leaves without interacting further called bounce. Most websites will face bounce rates. An average bounce rate for websites 41-55% and 56-70% are higher than normal.

There are many reasons, your website can have a high bounce rate. And one of them is slow to load page. If most visitors leave after viewing only one page in your site it may be because of slow page speed.

Loss of traffic:

Most of the website visitors who experienced slow speed performance are less likely to visit again. As I mentioned previously a slow website speed will hold you back from ranking higher. Google ranks most relevant and user friendly websites that help visitors find what they are looking for.

The first few positions holder in the search result bring the largest amount of traffic. The lower your website appears in the search engine, the lesser traffic it drives to your site.

Impact on the revenue:

Having a website is easier than ever, But selling products and developing a successful business is still challenging. If slow load speeds are driving people away, then it’s driving your sales away. A famous case study shows that 1 sec of page speed increase could lose Amazon $1.6 billion in sales every year. It proves that the lower conversion rate leads to lower revenue.

Conclusion: Here you have it my guide to why website speed is important for your business. Is your website speed fast enough to rank on google? If you are struggling to develop a high converting website feel free to contact us. We can develop your dream website in the most professional way with security and the best web development practice.

My Pro tip: Don’t get obsessed with getting a very high rating on Google PageSpeed Insights when optimizing the website. Instead try using Pingdom or GTMetrix to get an analysis of your page speed.

If it has a less than 3 seconds load time, then that’s a pretty good result and you should be happy about it. You should remember that an extreme level of optimization can sometimes break the website.

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