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The Delivery Bug Is Back - Everyone Check Your Deliveries


Files that are delivered aren’t showing again. Everyone, please be careful. If this has happened to you recently then please post here.


Oh no! :scream: Say it is not so!

Thanks for the heads up. :slightly_smiling_face:


A new visual change was added to the site so that might be the reason why this happened. Either way, I’m making videos of all my deliveries from now on.


:flushed: How do you do that? Could you please explain? :pleading_face:

I’m too ignorant to even figure out how to do it… :frowning_face:

What I’m doing is, at the same time I deliver, I’m also sending my buyers a message on the order chat, attaching the files, in case the delivery fails.


I mean using my mobile to have video evidence in case I get flagged. Not having a repeat of 2018.


So it looks like you tried to deliver twice and the files did not get attached the first two tries? This is terrible. Have you reported it to customer support? Now we can be flagged for empty deliveries when it’s a bug?

This needs to stop.


My point exactly. I tried the second time after clearing cache and cookies but it still didn’t go through. So, I sent the files and then made a 3rd delivery and the files went through.

I think I know why this happened. Looks like they made a visual change:


This shows up in my inbox now. Didn’t show up before I experienced the bug. I haven’t reported it yet since it might be a one time thing but if this happens again I’m going to support.


Do you see immediately that it didn’t go through, or does it disappear after some time goes by?


Uh oh, thank you for posting this!!


Immediately. The files load properly but aren’t delivered for some reason. Pretty sure this was a one time thing since the site was updating today. Luckily, at least the order was completed without any issues. If you haven’t gotten the updated inbox like in thr image above then you should be a bit more careful. For everyone else, it shouldn’t be a problem - probably.


Bug’s back again, or still there.

My “here is your file” delivery message showed up but not the file I had attached. Luckily I noticed but redelivering didn’t work. I then tried sending the file via inbox, which seemed to have worked, at least it looks like it from my end. Some time later then I tried again on the order page as well and it showed as attached to me then.

Would be nice if that bug then would not send the delivery message either, I’d have had more than enough time to try again a few times, but like this it’s really a nasty bug.

Definitely do check if the file shows as attached on your delivery message after hitting send, everyone. :four_leaf_clover: :bug: :skull_and_crossbones:

edit: I just sent another delivery, and that one seems to have gone through just fine.


I know how that feels. Since then I’ve decided to make videos of every delivery I make just as a precaution.


I wasn’t willing to go to such lengths (my time!), just took screenshots for a while after the bug bit me first a while ago (only 1 of 2 files had gone through).
I gave it up eventually as everything seemed to work great long enough to get reckless :wink: Guess I’ll start with the screenshots again.


It’s not just deliveries but other files you may send as part of the order too. I sometimes send files on the order page before delivering and they disappeared.

I wonder if fiverr tech team is aware of it.

I might start double delivering so maybe at least one of the two will go through but it’s going to look odd to my clients.

Edit: I just reported it to customer support. Anyone who experiences this should definitely report it.


Happened to me twice and made it look like I was late, when I’m always early. I now get my clients email address and send it that way.


No that’s going to get you into trouble. We are never supposed to get email addresses for any reason.

Please report it when it happens to customer support.


Didn’t know that…should be an exception if they don’t deliver our work. Can’t afford to lose my ratings over it.


People have reported getting banned for empty deliveries so it’s more than your ratings at stake.

If you report it then you have a way to document the problem if it happens again.

I’m grateful to miiila for mentioning this bug is back or I wouldn’t have known what happened to the files I sent.


I got a response back from customer support about this issue:


We are currently aware of this and our technical team is looking into resolving this issue. At this time we do not have an update as to when it will be resolved. I would also advise taking screenshots of your deliveries if need be and either resending them again as a delivery message or attachment on a regular message. You can also upload them to a third party hosting too and provide the buyer with a link to download the work.


(I assume once the order is marked complete or a review is left there is no longer a need to worry about it. But I’m not sure about this. Does having them marked as complete stop the bug?)


I’ve had clients tell me about them getting an error on-site when trying to download the deliveries a few months back. Just make videos/images of all your deliveries. It really makes life easier.