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The description contains illegal characters

This occurs when creating a request and specifying a description…

I just can’t figure out what’s the problem. It could be absolute anything. I’ve checked and checked (Even re-wrote it) and still getting the same error.

Please, get this fixed. I’ve spend so long trying to figure this out. Please be more specific on why the problem is occurring.



Flat minimalist, Modern, and have a transparent background. Must include a nice graphic at the left, and to the right the text “Stubb Designs” in a nice font. My website color scheme is green so you may want to use the color green. Must be your own work.

It’s probably the quotation marks that’s the problem. The warning should be improved, though.

I agree. It could be anything. Keep trying something different. The answer will come in the end. Have you tried Googling it?

I had the same problem from the app last night. I thought it might be something to do with a question mark, so I removed it. I then removed the line spacing and the dash…I even removed the numbers so I was left with plain text and a few full stops.

In the end I came out of that and sent a personal message via the contact button instead of requesting a custom gig.


I have the exact same problem. I get the “The description contains illegal characters” message, and I have not any special caracters in the text - not even a question mark… :wink:

Tried pretty much everything but would be happy to know what is wrong. If it is the dot’s or commas…

Looking forward to hearing some more news as I would like to post my request. :wink:

Kind regards

It’s so hard to come up with a correct tagline too. Illegal characters. Illegal characters? Well, at least it makes me laugh, but I’d prefer if things like commas and full stops got legalised.

i had the same problem, then i just remove the ordered or unordered list and the error gone…

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