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The difference between clicks and views?


Could someone please explain to me what the differences between clicks and views? Shouldnt they be the same as to view your gig someone has to click on it?


This confuses me too.


…not if the gig is being shown to the buyer as part of a search result where they ‘view’ your gig, among a group of other gigs without having to click on it.


Click : When someone clicks on your GiG from the category / search page.
View : When someone views your GiG directly from any means.

Hope it’s clear now. :slight_smile:


Perfectly Explained,


How would they view the gig without clicking on it?


Directly through the URL…
For ex - Through your shared links, bookmarks etc. :slight_smile:


I don’t have shared link and bookmarks to my URLs. I still get views.


1 click = 1 view.
The ones who opened your gig might also be refreshing/reopning it sometimes and they will be counted as separate views as well. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks, that makes sense.


what about when Im sending offers to people through the buyer requests page, would that be just a view since its a link


Yes, It would be just a view. (Note that - You will get a view if the buyer opens your gig, otherwise it’s not counted as a view.) :slight_smile:


This confuses me too.


Views give a numerical value of how many users viewed your gig. Clicks say how many viewers clicked your gig to learn more.
I’m more concerned with the difference between views and impressions. Anyone?


Please how can one increase his/her impressions, clicks and views?