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The Difference between Fiverr and Amazon

Many of you will know that Fiverr’s CEO is often quoted with “building the everything store for digital services”.
We all know what that everything store is that Fiverr is likened to, of course, and in an interview with TechCrunch, he also

“suggested that one of the things that impressed Wall Street investors was the fact that Fiverr operates less like a traditional hiring site and is “much more similar to traditional e-commerce businesses like Etsy and Amazon,” where you can browse and purchase the services you need.”

There’s one big difference between Fiverr and Amazon - I don’t think many Amazon sellers have to deal with people messaging them to ask if they can buy product X for 50% or even 10% of the price stated on the product page :wink:

An optimistic outlook and quote from that interview, however, seeing that people on the forum often describe Fiverr as a “race to the bottom”:

“I think that if you have a market that pushes for bidding, then definitely, yes, there’s a downward pressure,” he said. “In a market where freelancers get to define their own scope, timing and price, you see the opposite trend. What we’re seeing is freelancers all around the world making more and more money very year. It’s a counterintuitive, or countercyclical rather, race to the top.”

[source for the quotes:]

(The rant bit, in case you didn’t notice, was about people asking for so much of a rebate that you wonder why they even bother, as chances are they’ll just waste their time (yours, too, of course, but don’t let’s pretend we think they care :wink: )


The other big difference is that most Amazon products can’t be customised in the way that most Fiverr services are. What works best for a pre-defined product on Amazon doesn’t necessarily work best with a site like Fiverr and the way it works (due to gigs being done often to a buyer’s very specific requirements rather than a predefined product, and Fiverr’s evaluations (like buyers ordering by mistake and asking to cancel) and terms of service and the fact that the buyer can enter anything into the requirements box/order page - like asking for more than what was in the package the ordered, asking for images they don’t have the rights to use to be used by the seller, they can also order without everything required being attached etc.).


My “difference” was more a "difference :wink: " but you got a point, of course.

Incidentally, I ordered two or three customizable products on Amazon not long ago, and I must say that’s something Amazon doesn’t do as well as Fiverr, it’s not intuitive on how to even tell the seller how to customize in all cases.
Also, in one case, I wanted to but wasn’t able to leave a (good) review for a seller because the product, although long delivered and used, simply didn’t get marked as delivered/received in their system. I tried telling both Amazon and the seller of that, but nothing happened, the seller seemed resigned with that fate, and Amazon didn’t react in any way. They do have bugs and big company inertia over there, too :wink:


That might also be dependent on how the seller has set the product up. eg. maybe they haven’t set it up in the optimal way (or I suppose some of it might also be limitations of the options the site gives them).

If some products are set up with something like “sub-products” for the different options (or maybe things like “Colour” selections) then other products could likely be set up similarly. But maybe that site could also give them better options for setting products up. At least the buyer can’t buy one thing and ask for something not supplied when ordering it (eg. something the “gig” isn’t set up for) and then get punished by the site for not delivering whatever is asked for or for cancelling. That site also doesn’t depend as much on buyer–>seller communication. If the product is set up properly there generally won’t need to be any communication whereas on Fiverr there could be miscommunication issues affecting the delivery or altering what they want at the last minute.


I would LOVE to RAISE MY PRICES AGAIN. Why don’t I?


I want to continue to race to the top price wise but can’t risk editing my gigs.
(My little rant.)


The only thing that Fiverr has in common with Amazon is its off-shore tax setup.

Thankfully, for writers there is a platform I use that is a lot like Amazon. You write about whatever you want, upload it to a shared catalog, and people can buy your work if they want to use it. You can also sell the same article to multiple people or one client for sole use, providing they pay for sole use rights.

I LOVE the zero interaction with customers. However, the platform editors can make your life a misery by coming up with all sorts of excuses why your work isn’t suitable for their marketplace. i.e. Just before Xmas they started rejecting all my crypto article submissions.

Personally, I would love to see Fiverr roll out a similar add-on system for writers.

Back onto Fiverr, I’m finding communicating with people hugely stressful at present. Typically, my day starts with:


We are new startup who need an exciting sales copy for our homepage that brings traffic from Google. We are very forward thinking and want to be recognized as industry leaders. This kind of business has been out passion for years and we want to make sure our customers appreciate us as standing out. We are going to be a top brand to watch in 2020!

Can you help?"

Me: “Hi, Thank you for your message. I would be happy to help. However, you would need to tell me what you do, who your target audience is, etc. You can supply all the basic information I need using the attached questionnaire, or by messaging me with a more detailed brief.”

Buyer: “How much do you charge?”

Me: “Hi, this would depend on what kind of word count you are looking for. However, my basic pricing starts at $20 per 500-words. You would also still need to tell me what you actually do before I can let you know if I can help.”

Buyer: “We are new startup who need an exciting sales copy for our homepage that brings traffic from Google. We are very forward thinking and want to be recognized as industry leaders. This kind of business has been out passion for years and we want to make sure our customers appreciate us as standing out.”

Me: “Hi, yes, I understand this, but I would need more information about your business. I don’t know anything about what you do. You need to tell me or in the very least case send me a link to your website.”

Buyer: “Our website isn’t ready yet.”

Me: “That is fine, but I still need to know what you do.”

Buyer: “Can we see some samples?”

Me: “I’m sorry but I don’t give away free samples and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to help you with this project as I can’t accept any order without a thorough brief from you telling me what you need.”

Buyer: “We do dropshipping.”

At this point, I usually just give up, but inevitably have to reply to more messages when a few days later the same person comes back with. "Can you do this for $15?" - Or some other inane inquiry.

I would so love to have chatbot or some kind of digital trap door.


That’s interesting. What happens if someone paid for the sole use rights of an article they bought from you but then find the article used by others who may have simply copied it from where they posted it? Are the sellers protected or could the buyers do something like a charge back then, claiming the seller didn’t honour the sole use rights?

I get “How can you help?” every once in a while, which I love … how about “with what my gig offers”?


If someone buys an article with a basic re-use licence, the same article can’t be sold for sole use. Buyers also can’t read, copy, or download, articles in full before they buy them. They get to read a snippet (like with e-books on Amazon) a blurb, and the title. If they like what they see, they pay and get to download the article in full.

Because of the protections in place, it would not be possible for someone to steal an article from the platform catalog without paying. In this case, if a buyer does find that work they have bought is being reused, they know someone has copied and pasted it from their site. That puts the onus on them to assert ownership of the material.

As for chargebacks, I guess in theory it could happen just like with everywhere. However, the client base is very different. Typically, you don’t have individuals buying content for use on new startup websites. The site more caters to brands and established businesses.


Messaging is maddening lately:

i have a question, why are you selling spell of money for money? why not become rich yourself? beside all the reviews talking about energy not money. so what are you really offering?

im really interested and searched fiverr deeply and you came on top every time, but what i dont get is people talking about energy ? while they paid to get more money.

Notice the little complement there designed to keep me responding to this inanity.


Interesting! Thank you for sharing.

You could add it to your gig’s FAQ section if it’s been asked a few times so there might be less chance you’d get messages about it.

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@uk1000 You don’t understand. It’s a passive-aggressive question. It’s not asked by anyone looking to actually buy anything.

This is not something someone interested in buying a spell would ask.

It’s similar to them saying they don’t think I’m real and my spells aren’t real.

But let’s not get off topic here. It’s my fault for changing the subject, which is NOT supposed to be about me or what I do here.

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He (or other potential buyers) might have really wanted to know the answer, so they are more sure about the gig, that it’s going to work for them. If they can see the answer to their question that should help them be sure/have more knowledge about it before potentially buying. And adding it in the FAQ section should help so they will be less likely to ask.

Amazon has succeeded in making itself all things for all people. Even private sellers find a place there and Amazon profits from that. So it’s logical that fiverr would want to emulate Amazon as much as possible, only for services, not merchandise.

How much of that can be integrated into fiverr’s brand and platform is the question. So far they are doing a great job of it.

I love the aspect of being able to “race to the top” on fiverr, price wise.

Bad sellers can race to the bottom while the rest can race to the top.