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The documentary is named world of warcraft gol

Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining laptop MMO World of Warcraft turns 10 years previous this month. Additionally to numerous in-game celebrations, Blizzard has created a documentary that celebrates 10 years of Azeroth and also the Alliance vs. Horde war that is raged since Nov 2004.

The documentary is named world of warcraft gold: searching for cluster. you’ll be able to watch a trailer immediately (above), whereas the total factor can debut at BlizzCon this Sabbatum, November 8, at five PM Pacific eight PM japanese.What is your favorite memory of the game? allow us to apprehend within the comments below!

World of Warcraft: searching for cluster can feature interviews with key Blizzard designers and executives, and conjointly comment from a number of the game’s legions of fans. The documentary conjointly guarantees to require you into “corners of Blizzard and also the WoW community you’ve got ne’er seen before.”

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