The Dreaded Buyer Requirements Waiting Game


Ah, the joy of seeing a sale, but knowing it can not start because the buyer requirements are not filled out. The beautiful buyer requirements waiting game. Gotta love it!

I always message instructing them to fill it out to start the order. Then I wait.



I once had a first time customer… Who did NOT understand the buyer requirements. So it was just sitting there, for 12 days! At first I messaged her everyday, “Hey. Just wanted to let you know. I can’t deliver etc. etc.” Then a few days passed and I still never heard from her. Then all of a sudden she messages me asking where her order is!!! Haha and we finally got it figured out but she never left a review. Seriously though… It’s not THAT hard right?


Joy of seeing a sale :blush::blush: And requirements are Adventure.


Soon you will get the chance of complete. :smiley: