The dreaded review is going to give me a heart attack


I got 4 negative reviews this month and I am stressed, worrying that my rating will drop below 4.8. Every time I get a notification and see that a review was left I start to feel cold sweat washing over me, I mean I feel physically sick with worry. I will slowly scroll down and when I see the review I either breath a sigh of relief or feel extreme dread, then race to the analytics page to see if I dropped even further.


Try to stop caring as much as possible.


Lastay, you’re still a top seller with 4.9 reviews. Seriously no reason for you to stress, just do your best and before your client’s rate you, maybe you ask them if there is anything else they need before they rate you.
Some people just enjoy rating less than 5 stars. I had two satisfying clients but rated me less than 4 because they said even though I was great and they were happy, they don’t think I should get 5 starts and that they never give anyone 5 start and if they give 4 starts that mean I did a great job.

It’s ok to care about it and maybe find a way to better yourself but dont let it affect your healyth. It dosn’t worth it.


Isn’t that the current AT&T slogan?


Is it possible someone is trying to sabotage you? A competitor perhaps? Just sayin’.


I was actually wondering if that was the case because someone also made an order and included a lot of extras, then they put this on the order details page “oops sorry, order by mistake, please cancel” How can you make a mistake when you also went ahead and added my gig extras and made an order that totaled over $100. I declined the cancellation request, but after waiting some days and the time started winding down, I contacted cs and they canceled, which messed up my Orders Completed rating. So I only had a choice between a late cancellation which would have left a 1 star review or a cancellation by cs.


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You must have been producing excellent work to be a TRS. Do not worry about the reviews because this may cause you to be stressed. Just continue with your excellent performance.


You cancel, they get a refund, and then they can make purchases without the processing fee.


Is the processing fee also refunded?


No, it isn’t. But the processing fee for a $100 order is not the same as the processing fees for 20 $5 orders.


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I appreciate your opinion. You come across as someone that hardly cares about anything which is fine.

I agree with you that you have to accept uncertainty but I disagree that you should not care. In my opinion, depending on the kind of person you are, challenges will either make you or break you.

True you should not let things weigh you down much, but with the kind of person I am, when I get worried and care to find out why and try everything I can to improve the situation, I progress. I learn new things and I develop myself.

The OP doesn’t need to have a heart attack in this situation, but because she is worried, she will adapt and create a process of some sort or tweak somethings to curb it. She may even investigate and find out why it is happening.

She has worked very hard and it will be very sad if competitors or simple mistakes are going to mess with her ratings.

Luckily Lastay, you seem to have loads of orders so you should be fine.

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I believe a forum user relayed a story once of a similar occurrence, and was able to persuade the buyer to admit that she/he had done it on purpose, after which the buyer’s account was promptly closed.

Something for you to consider. Sabotage isn’t something you should gloss over.


Could perhaps be that those “accidental orders” happen when a competitor tries to find out as much as possible by ordering and adding stuff, maybe not even wanting to actually order but making a click too many in the end, or making the last click purposefully, going all the way to see your requirements page? But, on purpose or not, to “only” spy or to sabotage, it still is completely nonsensical that such orders/cancellations count against seller´s ratios, I still can´t believe these things can be the decisive factor for the evaluation, hoping that the “we differ between good and bad cancellations” bit comes into play there until then.
And that they will look at the accounts that do such “accidental cancellations” a bit closer, especially if it happens more than once (if it happened accidentally once, you really should know better the next time around) and act accordingly if it´s competitors/multiple accounts.


Don’t worry think about the time when you come and there was no order neither reviews you build it and reviews comes. So be honest and go ahead don’t think about lost.