Interesting video… (It was MissC who first mentioned this effect)


I know many people like this! :wink:


People who subscribe to the saying “Fake it till you make it” comes to mind after watching this video.


What is sad is when someone incompetent at a skill is determined to make a living at it, without any further training in it.

This applies to a lot of sellers here.


Is it helpfull to tell people who are wasting time trying to earn money at something they are not good at that they aren’t good at it and won’t earn from it?

Or is it just cruel? I would want someone to tell me.


If I had come to Fiverr Forum when I was just starting out as a freelance writer in 2014 and had no idea of making money online or what it took to write for an American audience, I would be relentlessly mocked by Em and a few others who would tell me that Indians make for terrible writers and that their writing was awkward and that nobody would pay for their writing. I am glad I came here 6 months after I became a TRS. Had I come earlier, I would have been discouraged and quit within 2 months.


Very helpful. The thing is, most people who would accept your reasoning would come to that conclusion themselves. The people who wouldn’t would be the ones to barrel on regardless until they get hit by a big fat bankruptcy train.

You would be good on the UK version of Dragons Den. I watch it far too frequently than is healthy just because I find it sexy when Deborah Meaden goes all out ‘your crap’ on people. Smart woman Deborah Meaden… And saucy too. :slight_smile:


There is a big difference between developing your skill set and proving your competency and eating how do I mek sell burgers forever. Everyone goes through what you did. I made $20 a week in my first months freelancing and was mocked by everyone I knew. I knew I could do it though and I would still stop if it ever wasn’t worth it.

The difference between people is that some people want something and sit back waiting for it to happen miraculously, while others want something and think, ‘right, so how exactly do we do this’ and get to work making their want a reality.


There is a difference, some really do not have what it takes. I mean when you post on the forum:

“i will proof read prefectly.”

Would you hire them? Would any sane person? You see at least one proofreader or article writer that writes “I” as “i” and misspell every other word.

Some use the excuse that English is 2nd language as a reason for having horrible gig page. I work with several illustrators that live in various parts of the world. Their gig page looks awesome and they deliver fantastic work. I’m sure they use google translate to communicate with me - but I don’t care.

They probably paid someone to help them set up a very professional page because they care, because they are a professional. There is a reason why they are successful. There is a reason why you are successful.


Well said. Some people are just too lazy to do what it takes to succeed and prefer to continue on being failures since it’s easier. The Dunning-Kruger Effect sometimes has this element to it. Part of the incompetence is due to not only not realizing they are bad at something, but also not wanting to know or admit it since that would mean more effort is required.


Users of the forum are not allowed to mock people based upon nationality, so, this kind of mocking of you would not have happened. I, for one, have no problem with someone from India making a living writing for American customers. You clearly have writing skills, and fantastic English communication skills, whereas most other sellers (it would seem) that you categorized yourself as… do not.


Thankfully, these “sellers” are likely to be the ones that drop off the radar here on Fiverr – as a result of the new seller level requirements.

And I will not be shedding any tears when it happens. :wink:


Actually Jon, there’s a bit of history behind this - the only reason I started commenting on this forum was that I was just browsing back in late-2015 and I read a few posts from Em where she was saying Indian writing was weird and another forum user advised a non-native writer to look for some other way to make money as most buyers wouldn’t hire non-natives in the writing category. That compelled me to get involved in the first place otherwise I had no intention of participating in the forum. Following that of course Em and I became friends and the rest is history. MissC might remember, she was involved in this as well, but she had kind words for me from day one.


Thing with most of sellers is they are plain careless, more that overestimating themselves. Certain seller copied my Gig description and he didn’t even bother to remove my username :roll_eyes:


LOL :rofl::joy:


I will put my name in all my gig descriptions from now on.


A seller who uses my former profile text/bio since many months (they added 2 words at the beginning at some point, I suppose that makes my bio their own unique profile text) finally messaged me this Sunday from that profile to ask if I’m available now for translating a text… :woman_facepalming:


Classic fail! :laughing:

In someways, The DK effect is not that bad after all… If it prods them into action even at the risk of being overconfident. What’s more important is to have capacity and willingness to learn - without these, they will never know what their true worth is and will never have an opportunity to improve, if required.


I am curious, as I have not known you long. Were your English skills back then as proficient as they are now? Or did they develop the more you wrote?


My English was always good, but I’ve had to adapt it to an American audience and be as accent neutral as possible.