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The easiest work you have done on Fiverr?

Have you ever created a gig in which you had 0 skill but still earned good money? Share your stories!


I collect recipes for recipe books and it is my main gig, now I am writing the recipes too but the main service is to collect recipes with stock images.
This is not an easy job but no skill needed, it takes time to find matching stock images.

Now I have collections of recipes and I have created gigs to offer those collections.


Why would you create a gig in a category you have no skills in? Fiverr is a professional marketplace, not a place to create as many gigs as possible offering things you do not have the qualifications necessary to deliver.


I understand, I just wanted to know if somebody has done that.

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Lots of people have. They didn’t last long here …


Let’s call a spade a spade: you’re asking because you want to know how to do it so you can try to become successful at something you aren’t good at. You want to find a way to make money without putting the work or value in.

This thread should be taken down. No one should charge a person money for something they lack skill in. It’s deceptive and immoral.


And this is one of the main reasons why every single day we see users coming to the forum, one after the other, ranting and crying because their buyers cancelled their orders after being delivered… :roll_eyes:


I don’t know why so many sellers refuse to accept that people buy things for value to them, not because the seller used silly tricks.

If I buy delicious french fries, it’s because I actually crave to eat them, not because someone tricked me into eating them. I don’t know why so many sellers refuse to accept this reality.


I agree, and this was not my intention

Then why ask people to share their stories about how they (tricked) got people to buy services they lacked proficiency in? All that does is give you and others ideas about how to trick people into buying services for which you lack proficiency.


I realise my mistake, i would like to apologise.


I don’t get any order yet…man. That’s frustrating for me.