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The Effects of a One-Star Review

EDIT: Rather than venting about a negative experience I recently had, I’d like to ask a question.

How has the odd negative review affected your sales? Do you notice a short-term drop in work? Do prospects ever acknowledge the poor review when they order from you?

I’m bracing myself after a difficult experience and would like to know how others have pushed past challenging transactions.

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I’d avoid starting a rant page like this. Yeah it sucks, I feel you, but we’ve all had these experiences.

Most buyers are really great. The fact that he left a review, instead of asking for a refund, kind of indicates a communication breakdown somewhere in the process.

After reading his replies, it’s entirely possible that all your communication was going through a service like google translate. Sometimes the full meaning will really get changed by the service.


Thanks for your reply – you’re right about ranting not being very productive, so I changed the focus of this thread.

The buyer was a native English speaker based in Texas.

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It has zero effect on a seller like you. People ignore it.


Thanks, Crystal. I’m just down because it’s the first thing I see when I go to my profile – I’ll get over it shortly, when new reviews start coming in!


Yes. Especially if it’s the latest review, and I’m on a vacation, so there will be no new reviews for a while.



Thanks for your reply, Angie!