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The Elephant in the Room: 5 Days, No Sales. Any tips?

breathes deeply

Okay, here goes nothing. Hey all, New York Social here. We provide social media service solutions for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, SoundCloud, Pinterest (and many more). So far, we’ve posted 7 gigs, which are IMO, really good offers. There are gigs that offer less than what we give, and I could go on and on about the quality of our service.

So the elephant in the room here is, what could be wrong? Can any veteran seller here assess what could be the reason behind the big snub on all of my services. Despite offering high volume, high quality, and really really good customer service if we’re given the chance – we still fail to get a single order placed.

Here’s a link to my profile for the awesome sellers who would be giving me some solid advice.

I would really appreciate any tips from you guys. It would mean a lot to our business.

P.S. I’ve read nearly every thread in here that gives out tips to sellers, but I still can’t get over the hump. Maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong? Wrong tags? Wrong categories? Any advice would be great!

Thanks all!

Best wishes,

New York Social

Reply to @newyorksocial: but that is not the point. It does not matter what other sellers are doing, they just have not had their gigs pulled yet. I would think as a professional you would not be violating the TOS of the sites you are trying to offer likes for. Plus you put any buyer at risk for having their accounts damaged on all those other sites.

I’ve seen your other posts and one thing I can definitely say is that you have to be patient. You only created your profile this month so you’ve barely been on Fiverr long enough to get indexed in Fiverr search. You are listing gigs that are very common and also in a very mistrusted category.

I gave you a suggestion once before that you might want to consider listing some promotion-related gigs that are not about bulk traffic but if you want to stick to this type of gig only, you also have little diversity which is more challenging. Some of your gig images might turn away business people who need traffic since your target audience seems to be young male buyers.

There really isn’t an elephant in the room on this one since the problems you have are very common for all new sellers, especially in their first few months. There are tons of other tips on the forums and in Fiverr help pages. I think I’m just repeating myself and others at this point so I’ll stop.

You also need to start reading the TOS of all these sites you are trying to sell views/likes for.

For example Youtube, makes a clear point to say this:

"What’s downright not allowed?

Purchasing views for your videos directly from third-party websites (e.g. paying $10 for 10,000 views)."

It’s as if they know the Fiverr pricing strategy!

And buyers are more hesitant about these kinds of services now on Fiverr as well. It’s one thing to offer advertising space for a legit ad you are going to run on a blog that you tell people the very clear target demographics and reach it currently has. It’s another to promise likes and followers.

Search your category. Find the highest recommended and highest rated seller in your category who is selling something similar to your gigs. Read their reviews, read their gig descriptions. Figure out what key words they are being found under with a cross search. Ninety-nine percent of sales come from first time buyers who go into a couple of categories, sees who is on the first page, and contacts a couple of them. The first one to respond usually gets the sale. So, you probably will not see a lot of sales until you level up. And to level up, you have to scrounge anyway you can. It can take months. I told you before to go to Buyers Requests. See what the most frequent request is (it’s writing, I know, because I am a writer) and make a gig for that. It may not be what you do usually, it may not be something you are good at, it may not even be something that you like: But you have to start somewhere. Coming to the forum is going to do nothing for you except get you more of the same advice.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

Hi bro!

I really appreciate the feedback. Though I can’t remember this suggestion since I can’t see your comment on my other threads, I still appreciate what you told me right now. I’m considering offering social media management on Fiverr as well. We do offer this offline to a few select clients, but I’m still not sure how we can charge fairly thru Fiverr since it’s technically just $4. But this is something I’m exploring, and I appreciate the tip!

P.S. Apologies if I couldn’t remember your previous comment, but thank you!

Reply to @sincere18:

Thanks for the feedback!

Unfortunately, I can’t concern myself too much with that (TOS of those sites). There are others who offer social media solutions services as well, and they do thrive here on Fiverr. My idea is if I could just get a fraction of that pie, it will be a great start. :slight_smile:

Reply to @webtelly:

Hi Web! Appreciate your tips, even from my other thread. I’ve been active with Buyer Request Pages recently, sent out some offers too but I haven’t gotten any replies yet.

I have a question though… Is it illegal to PM / message people in their inbox? Kinda like hi-jacking customers of other service providers?

Reply to @newyorksocial: Hello. I probably don’t have the right plumbing to be your bro. Don’t worry about forgetting other comments, I just wanted to point out that you’ve been given suggestions by others before.

One other thing, I can see you want success like others but the truth is that new traffic gigs are harder to get going than other things. Fiverr isn’t instant money, it takes a lot of work. at first you will need to work a lot to earn $4. When you get 50-100 solid jobs done you’ll be able to back up some and put about 15 minutes in to make $4.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

Noted! Patience is indeed a virtue. I just get a bit sad when I see my daily analytics… A bit of increase in Impressions, Clicks, and Views, but still no order. But yes, I won’t stop though. I’ll consider diversifying my offerings even more.

Thank you!

You have too much competition in what you’re doing.

I went online, typed “social media,” and found this in a job description:

Assist with daily marketing tasks such as organize content calendars, create analytics reports, develop marketing strategies, etc

Develop SEO-friendly content for our clients in various industries. Includes: web pages, blogs, articles, email, social media content, ad copy etc.

Ability to post blogs via Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc; including media, tags and categories for each post

Google AdWords knowledge and experience is a huge plus!

See? Things like that are easier to sell, because they’re harder to do.

Reply to @sincere18:

Sincere18, I respect your opinion, I really do. But you have to look beyond Fiverr, and you’ll see that this is not an anomaly. There are so many sellers for this kind of service (hence the hard competition I’m facing right now). Even Lady Gaga, Bieber, Obama, and all those celebrities and brands bought Twitter Followers and a bunch of other services.

What makes my service unique is that through the years my team has worked hard in building a large private network which allows us to offer these services with confidence. We are not putting any account at risk. And it’s not like I’m shoving the service up the buyer’s throat. There’s a reason why they want to buy, and I’m here to provide them the BEST quality. A service wherein both ME and most importantly the BUYER, are safe. :slight_smile:

Hope you respect my services as well. Thank you!