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The Endless Gig?


I gave a buyer a custom order because she wanted a fairly large project within 1 day. I allowed 1 revision.
Finished it on time. But it took past the deadline for her to respond.

When she did, it was to say, “We need some changes. I’ll get right back to you,” so the order was “Rejected.”.

That was three days ago. I have tried to resolve it by extending the deadline, but now she isn’t responding.

I’m thinking she’s going to just keep the work and never do anything about the rejection, thus keeping my work for free.

Is that possible? Has anyone seen this happen to them? Do I have any recourse?


Just redeliver the original work saying that you can’t make the necessary changes because you’re all out of psychic breakfast cereal.


If your order is in ‘Rejected’ status, it means this:

When an Order is Rejected, the Buyer requires the Seller to revise the Delivery to fit the Buyer’s requirements. The Seller is prompted to Deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate in the order page to sort out any issues with the Delivery. The Seller is not timed on Delivering their revisions.

A Buyer will see a message to indicate that revisions were requested to the Seller on their progress bar.

A Seller will see an Orange ribbon on their order page to prompt them to Deliver again.

I guess you can redeliver and tell her that you can only do the revision once she tells you what she needs changed (should be obvious, but well) and to please tell you in a sensible timeframe, because you need to schedule your time and other gigs, or something like that.

She could only get her money back, if the gig gets cancelled, while you won´t get it if this game continues, she won´t get it back either, as the buyer is billed when they order. Fiverr has the money in the meantime.


As others have said, you should redeliver the same thing to her. She is playing games.

Keep doing that as long as it takes.


If you re deliver your work,That project will be marked as completed by fiver within few days you will get the money but what if that mean buyer leave negative review after will be the one facing problem so I’ll suggest it’s better to cancel the order.


I would recommend keeping the delivery order in limbo for a bit until you see what the buyer does. Be patient a little, knock after 48-72 hrs politely asking for a response.

Since you have already done work, you should get paid, if the buyer is being unresponsive, there may be a reason and you should be assumptive of what it is.

If the buyer comes back asking for further revisions, then politely tell them that your gig contract includes only X number of them. And any further revisions would be extra.

Do note that buyers can now leave reviews based on their EXPERIENCE or QUALITY of the work delivered. If the buyer happens to leave a feedback saying the work was sub-par etc. CS will NOT remove this feedback.

So I would definitely be diplomatic in how you make your next moves.

If you decide to create a ticket with Customer Support, ensure you create a single ticket for the issue. But as recommended above, I would suggest to see what the client has to say.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


@scottorr16 You have some things to think about here.

  1. The order will never go “Late” so dont worry about the timer extension.
    If you turn an order in before it goes late once , it will never go late.
    They can’t cancel it for being late.

  2. Customer “Support” will tell you to work it out with the client for a while and will most likely not make them accept the order… they will just not allow a cancellation to happen. Thats your only seller “protection”.

The most likely scenario here will be.
A) You can turn it in and they will forget about it and you’ll get paid …

  • You may get a crap rating for it eventually when they figure this out.

B) They will keep rejecting it forever and ever Amen.

C) You can eventually reject their cancellation until they figure out their only choice is to leave a crap rating.

The best advice I’ve gotten in the past for this one ultimately can be summed up by simply saying…
“Screw it.”

Buyer requested a revision without a reason