The entire gig, even with extras, now has to take less than 29 days?


I was trying to edit my ghostwriting gig, and when I went to save the changes, I got an error informing me that I needed to shorten the delivery time on my base gig to 14 days or less. I eventually figured out that this was because I had the base gig at 29 days, and then extras that added up to another 12 days on top of that. In that past, this was totally fine…apparently, not anymore. Now the entire gig, even with the most expensive extras, has to have a total duration of less than 29 days–at least, that’s what I’m inferring from this super fun (/sarcasm) runaround I just had trying to edit a gig that’s over a year old.

I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this. If the buyer is more than happy to purchase a gig that he knows will take 44 days to complete, why not let him do it?


I have a gig up now that has 21 day delivery and the longest extra adds 14 days. I bet if I tried to edit it I wouldn’t be able to keep those settings. Seems like Fiverr is announcing the “popular” changes (like more extras per level) but just silently changing things that would not be popular. Reminds me of the change to gig numbers where a level 1 may have 20 gigs up and running but if they delete or suspend one they make the frustrating discovery that they cannot replace or reinstate the gig since level 1 sellers are no longer allowed 20. Feels kind of like a surprise party where the pretty wrapped gifts all have dog poo in them.


Reply to @bachas85: I did, but maybe it was because when I started that particular gig, it’s delivery time was only maybe ten days and then overtime, I had to set it out longer and longer. My ghostwriting base gig was 29 days (because I’m a slow creative writer, haha), and then any extras added between five and fourteen days onto that time.


Reply to @fonthaunt: I know it’s not really that big of a deal…I’d just like to know the reasoning behind changes like these. I love the positive changes we’ve been given, but ones like this, I’m not too keen on and I just don’t see a reason for.


I’m the same way, not too big a deal, but I just wish they would be more open about all changes instead of only being open about the changes that they choose. I don’t much see the reason for limiting the delivery time more than it was either. I haven’t had a customer complain even when mine are set long, although I do remind them to check the time if they message me in advance.


I’d assume they’re just trying to limit the window of opportunity for things to go wrong. - people get bored, forgetful, impatient, angry when they realize that they never even looked at the delivery timeline and won’t get instant gratification :wink: … Maybe they think it will save CS some billable hours? Regardless of the details, it’s because of money.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Could be and I don’t really mind the change as much as the surprise. I login every day and if I edit a gig, I have no idea if something has been changed since the day before. Whether it’s a great new feature or a new limitation, it just seems like giving sellers information up front would be a good idea. :smiley:


Reply to @fonthaunt: Especially for stuff that we then have to explain to our buyers (like the processing fee)–we need to be properly updated about the changes that they make, because we’re often the ones who answer for it.