The fastest hosting providers currently


I love all the hosting providers all around the world. but want to know the fastest. Currently, most big names perform less while newcomers provide better performance. When you want to purchase a hosting plan, what do you consider first. Can i get a list of the fastest hosting providers here


The first think to consider is how long they have been in business. It’s a nightmare when a hosting provider suddenly disappears along with your site.

Second thing is customer support. Again it can be a nightmare when something goes wrong and you need help fast. One with an 800 number that is answered quickly by a human is what you want.

The ones with C-panel are not always the best also. You want one which can handle unlimited traffic no matter how many sites are on the server with your site. Many times a site will effectively have a denial of service attack in a sense due to one of the sites on YOUR server being heavily hit all at the same time. The best hosting sites are ready for this and have a switching mechanism in place to prevent this.


Good answer. I know about hosting providers having written hundreds of articles on them. I understand you have a personal experience with them.


Thank you. I had a hosting service until I realized how difficult and time consuming it would always be.


You can try ***** hosting. They run their servers at SSDs, awesome support, and affordable pricing.


Which of the hosting providers are you using


If someone just has one small site without much traffic it’s easy to host it on a spare laptop yourself.
Google free DNS.


But downtimes, power costs, and server management. It is better to pay a well-established company to do it for you (*****'s hosting costs $12 for the first year).


What downtimes power costs and server management? It just stays on all the time.
It’s super easy if you just have a very small site with few hits per day. The server is the laptop. You just have to know how to prevent hacking but your router setup can do that.


Power costs for charging the laptop, power outages during maintenance breaks, System offline due to internet connection problems, heatup issues.


Power cost for charging the laptop-- it stays plugged in. A few $ a month I guess
power outages— I have not had a maintenance break except for about once every other month for a few hours for the laptops I use.
Internet connection problems-- I have two different internet providers
heatup issues—none, my laptops sit on cooling fans.

I also have battery backups on one of my laptops that come on if the power goes out.

I’m talking about a small site that gets very few hits.


Power costs=let’s say $1 per month. ******* hosting =$12 per year. Yeah! small sites are ok, but still, if it’s a business website, it’s not worth a risk.


Again, it’s your call, as it’s your website.


I consider that a risk, to pay $12 a year for a hosting service that might disappear suddenly as most do at some point, or have outages for days, or not respond to questions or problems, or put other sites with yours on the server which causes Google to ban their server, or to get hacked and your site along with all the others is hacked without any backup. The problems are almost endless that can happen.


******** is a big name in the hosting industry. On top of all, they have a very friendly support.


It sounds like you are promoting them which is not allowed on here.


Nope, I ain’t promoting anyone.


In that case you should take off the name of the site you have mentioned a couple of times. Just put some stars in it’s place because no one can tell at this point that you are not promoting them from reading your posts.


I don’t even have a website hosted with them as of now. This is merely a debate between the two hosting choices, i:e personal and a web hosting provider.


I was just helping out the OP with the different choices. And btw, which web host pays you for promoting their services without an affiliate link? I am just naming the services, not linking to them.