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The fastest way to become top seller


Recently I’ve been promoted to the level 2 seller and I already feel that my sales have increased because of the traffice increased for my page which is awesome.

I would like to know from your experience what is the fastest way to become a top seller and how it may take to reach?


Since this is a question, you might consider clicking edit and moving it to the Fiverr FAQ. This question has been posted so many times it is not hard to look around and find answers as well. For example:

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Here are two basic suggestions on moving up in the Fiverr heirarchy a little faster than most -

  1. Cleverly place a link to your Fiverr account in your Linkedin Profile Summary. If you want to look at a real-time, example, visit http://fragglesrock.

  2. Cleverly place a link to your Fiverr account in all your congratulatory Linkedin messages which go out through the “Keep In Touch” section of Linkedin Connections.

Good luck.

Sheriff’s Note: Your link is a form of self-promotion (even if you didn’t intend that) so it has been removed. Thanks for offering advice, however.


Would someone help me with tips and tricks to increase gig traffic and become a top seller or a super seller. the links on this page give 404 errors.


There aren’t any tips or tricks related to anything on Fiverr, but I’m sure if you search the forum for TRS or top rated seller, you’ll find plenty of help. :slight_smile:


Thanks offlinehelpers