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The fever of non legit logo intros

In Fiverr’s terms of service it is mentioned that “the seller undertakes that he/she has sufficient permissions, rights and/or licenses to provide, sell or resell the service is offered on Fiverr”. It has come to my attention that there is a wide user base in Fiverr that provides services without sufficient permissions. I am talking about the majority of logo reveals/ logo intros services, which most times are templates downloaded by I reviewed the terms of service of that site and apparently users that want to resell a template (even as a service) have to buy a unique license for each client. Since the licenses are over $10 and commercial ones reach above $100, it doesn’t make sense for anyone to be able to provide that service on Fiverr in a legitimate way. I have even checked with specific creators that say they have not given special permissions or licenses to anyone.

All that is causing faulty competition for people (like me and many others) that are creating original content and harms the broad motion graphics industry as well (since reselling templates without sufficient licenses, denies revenues to the original creators).

For the record I reported a gig I found that was too obvious and Fiverr did the right thing and removed it after a few days. Does anyone else feels this is unfair that sellers/gigs like that exist in an otherwise very nice community like Fiverr? I will slowly report more gigs I find like that. Even if motion graphics is not my main interest right now, I don’t like that for some people this is really not fair. What do you guys think about it? Have/Would you report gigs like that?



Exactly. Try targeting those pirate TRS and level 2 sellers with lots of sales for a larger warning effect. Remember to “favorite” or bookmark the gigs so you can keep track of them. I’ve had a TRS’s gig with 350+ reviews taken down but it has revived after several months. Fiverr is way too lenient (or say greedy as they make money from these).

Search for ‘videohive’ on Fiverr forum or ‘Fiverr videohive’ on Google, and you’ll certainly find some useful posts talking about this.

It’s so sad and it makes me angry that so many people get “fooled” by sellers claiming to be “professional” and what they do is just profit by the hard work of other people, without even giving them credit, or just following the right process.

When I contacted a creator from Videohive, he told among other things: “This whole situation is extremely unfair. It’s bad for my buyers, for me and for everyone who is creating original content on the other platforms. […] Sadly it’s very time consuming and emotionally disturbing to deal with this problems.”

And just this phrase disturbs me. We should all help in this problem and report non-legit gigs. And I think that Fiverr, would benefit more in the end if it started providing legit original content from its sellers and making a reputation for original low-price work, like all these awesome logo creation gigs (not logo reveals)!

Reply to @tashows: is a good site to sort video intro gigs by number of reviews. I wonder how many of those gigs are really legit.

If you ask me to give an example of a legit video intro seller, I only have @dfenty ( in mind. I’ve already quoted his name a lot of times!

Reply to @willpower_hk:
Wow nice site! Thanks for the info! I will start reporting some more gigs tomorrow.