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The Files Not Delivering Bug Is Still There

As the title says, the horrid bug that has ruined my peace of mind to the point I had to see a doctor is still there.

I’ve taken the risk and contacted customer support about it. I’ve had enough of wanting to dig up a hole and hide in it. This is seriously messing me up. I haven’t been able to sleep for the past 48 hours.

Let’s see if Jim can survive this mess.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for posting this. A staff member is looking into the issue and the forum mods have linked several forum posts to staff as well.
Hope that helps calm your nerves a bit. Hang in there :tea:


I really just don’t want to get banned for something I have no control over. Please pass this thread to anyone from staff if you can. Thank you for everything.


@wp_kid linked your post as well.


It looks like they might have tried to fix the delivery bug or at least that’s the impression I got from the reply/

Could you try again and confirm with us if you could make the delivery?

_Please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and let me know if this helps? _
Waiting for your response,

I do need to deliver a multi file order in a few minutes so let’s hope everything goes ok.

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I have been having an issue where I click on the “deliver” button and it takes me to a blank page CONSTANTLY.

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Honestly, best advice is to get in touch with support. There really isn’t much else we can do.

Finally managed to deliver an order without any files missing thank god. Looks like other bugs with the delivery system have been fixed as well.

Good job support.


This thread will stay open for a while to be sure that this is truly resolved. I’m posting partly so that I’ll see notifications too. With luck, we can close the post (and others on this topic) and mark them as confirmed resolved pretty soon. In the meantime, if anyone sees continued problems about this EXACT issue after the time/date on this comment, please reply to me in this thread.

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Great idea, I’ll be heading to bed early today to make up for all the sleep I lost these past 2 days.

I wanna thank you and all the mods that helped bring this to light.

So, thank you for being awesome.


Had it again today, I attached 2 files but the 3rd one was nowhere to be seen.

I “redelivered” the 3rd file. Would be easier to check which files not/upload if the full or more of the filename would be shown, by the way, in case that’s possible to change easily.

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Maybe dropbox or similar should be used until the issue is fully fixed.

Would be easier to check which files not/upload if the full or more of the filename would be shown, by the way, in case that’s possible to change easily.

I agree. I think I mentioned it on the forum too. Until they do that maybe something in the first few characters of the file could be different to help identify the file. eg. v1_the_file_name, v2_the_filename…

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Hi,chk it with sizes of files or duration.

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I suppose one could do that, I’d thought about it before sending but then didn’t, I only add to filenames at the end of files usually to not mess up file/folder structure for the buyers. And I thought it certainly has to be fixed by now, I didn’t want to be too pessimistic and mess up the file names “just in case”.

Thank you! And yes, I did that to know which file was missing, but seeing the names would be safer, some files have the same size and if the uploader doesn’t upload some files I don’t fully trust it to upload all files completely and show the right size either.
I could also download them again to check, of course but all that costs time.
Just adding here for staff to see there are still issues

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Currently still experiencing this as well. Both with the delivery system and the in order messaging system. All files showed up on my end, however the client messaged requesting the missing file. The attachments also went missing when I tried to upload them via messaging. Only seemed to work when uploading one at a time.

Uploaded 4 files again only 3 went through. Looks like it’s back. Welp, screw it I’m tired of this.

Can I deliver the order as a zip file?

I delivered via zip, seemed to work fine.

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Looks like I’ll have to do that from now on as well. The bug is still there which is very annoying.

Did you try from fiverr android app ?

Whenever i face any issues in delivery, i try through the app, and it used to go fine.

It is still there. Bug is not only on order page (via delivering or not), it is in inbox as well. Just uploaded 2 files, only 1 went trough.

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