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The Files Not Delivering Bug Is Still There

Contact customer support immediately, I’ll be recording videos of all orders I send so that I can share it with support.

Yes, I am having the same issue as well. Send a PDF file to a seller. He said he didn’t receive it on his end.

Just uploaded 2 files in the inbox…2nd one swaps out with the first one after upload. It’s impossible to upload more than 1 file.


I am a buyer and have not been able to communicate with the seller on the order messaging system. He has been sending me messages asking for my response but nothing I send to him or to Fiverr support seem to be getting through. This has been going on for two days now. I hope this gets fixed quickly. This is costing us way too much in time and embarrassment.

Is there another way to reach a human at Fiverr to resolve this?



I am sorry to hear about your issue. You can open a ticket with customer support. In the meantime another option would be to try sending your message via the Fiverr app to see if that gets through to your seller.
I had disappearing messages as well. Click the reload button after you send the message to see if you can still see it.


I had this issue just now. I tried to deliver two files, but the buyer only received one. The buyer let me know and I immediately sent the missing file. Hopefully this bug will be resolved soon. They buyer more or less accused me of trying to cheat him.