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The final Boss Buyer (Cheap, Impatient, Unable to read, trying to Scam and Insulting)

Just a little rant about a buyer I guess every freelancer wants to avoid. It’s always astonishing what kind of crazy people are out there and I think it’s good to share these stories at least for entertaining purposes :D!

Just to make the following scenario a little bit more clear: I do offer multiple “3D animation promotion movies”. These are pre-produced short movies with a story that do have placeholders. You can purchase the gig to replace these placeholders with your own logo to promote your music, business or anything else. All of the movies I offer do have different actors, stories and settings. Since the movie is also the gig portfolio video, you can see EXACTLY what you will purchase and how it’ll look like before you even place the order. There is absolutely no reason to give it a negative rating or to be confused in the end, since it’s like standing in the local store, looking at an apple and holding it in your hand. You can see, smell and feel the apple. You know you will purchase an apple.

To the story:
I had this BuYeR a couple of days ago and he purchased one of these movies. It’s a 3D animation to promote your album/single. A short time after he purchased the gig, which has only a delivery time of 2 days, he already contacted me and demanded to deliver faster. “He would give a good tip in the end” he promised. I know that game. All red flags were rising high. There wouldn’t be a tip in the end. So I did not deliver extra fast and kindly reminded him that he didn’t purchased the fast delivery extra. After he got his animation, he marked the order as completed and wrote a review in which he said that he did not like the concept. I was very confused - why would you purchase a movie with a concept you don’t like? I mean… you can see the movie before purchasing. I thought that he maybe misspelled his comment or something. A couple of minutes later I got a new message. He told me he did not like the animation. I was even more confused and ask him why he would purchase that gig if he clearly could see what he was getting. He said he didn’t know and that he did not read the decription. He also did not take a look at the portfolio video. He just purchased it and expects now a custom 3D animation for his project. I told him that he exactly got what I promise to deliver and kindly reminded him to read gig descriptions if he is about to purchase something (I mean … what the hell). And he can’t expect a full customized 3D animation for $5. So he went full crazy, told me “to shut the f*ck up” and that I work terrible - blocking me afterwards. That’s when I saw his reviews on his buyer page. Multiple 1-star reviews from sellers that he did the same thing to. Promising a tip for fast delivery, blocking sellers after they deliver faster (of course without a tip), demanding things outside of the gig, etc. So I reported his messages and also created a ticket with the customer support, explaining the situation with screenshots.
At the moment he is still doing business as usual and since he is a top buyer there is a good chance that nothing will happen. I’ll keep you updated!

PS: When researching him, I saw that he is an artist with multiple millions of views on his clips, playing huge concerts. It’s always funny to see how people like this are getting crazy over $5 or if they do not getting their way.


At least this shows that sellers do not always leave 5* reviews anyway, as some people claim, so the buyer profile page showing reviews now can actually be useful, at least as long as a buyer doesn’t order directly but asks for a custom offer.

Sorry that you had that experience, though, but good that you can also :D! about it. :slight_smile:


Yep, this is why I’m no longer afraid to leave an honest review for buyers. I always look at someone’s profile when they send me a message asking for a quote.


There are no penalties for verbal abuse for top buyers, just FYI. A new account gets banned pretty quickly for inappropriate behavior. Top buyers can conduct themselves as they please pretty much.

Sorry for your experience, you really got “lucky” with this one.

PS Did CS remove the negative review for you?


I had a buyer once that got banned for harassing me - but he specifically threatened me to leave a negative review. He was banned the next day after reporting him. But this one… still doing his thing :)! The ticket got closed and I saw that he already finished new projects with other sellers. I don’t think he will be banned either.

He did not give a negative review. That’s what’s so confusing. I guess I am really lucky. He left a 5 star review with the note “I don’t like the concept”. I definitely dodged a bullet right there.

But for every customer of “this kind” there are always two new great and polite customers incoming. So, this was more a rant to laugh about.

This is true. We as sellers have long asked for a tool to “defend” ourselfes and instead of leaving an honest, negative review that warns others, many give out of fear generally only 5 stars.

I used to have a gig like this. I called it “I will create this exact explainer video.” Al least once a week I’d get someone placing a $5 order, before sending me scripts and ideas for a fully custom product.

I did add packages eventually where people could order a custom video in my style. However, the $5 bargain army still kept battering down my gig front door once a week, to beat me to a nervous wreck. In the end, I just killed the gig. :frowning:

Unfortunately there is a possibility to meet someone like that and the only thing you can do about it is to move on, I see a lot of cheap buyers in buyer request section too demanding a lot of work, professional, fast for a fiverr! :joy: