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* The Final Day *


Unfortunately, Good moments don’t last long. And just like everything, an ending has to come.

My time has unfortunately come to say goodbye to this wonderful community. But before i do, I just want to say that it was a complete honor for me to be part of this intellectual community. Being a freelancer in such a young age gave me that self discipline that i really needed. It’s something that i’m so luck to experience and experience it with special people too! :heart:

Most people don’t get the opportunity to try out working from home, setting their own working hours & setting their rates. But i did get the opportunity to try this out, and i’m so grateful for the opportunity that you guys have given me. From my customers who believed in my creativity and hired me while i had zero reviews, to my valuable friends online who also believed in me and gave me a helping hand that i really needed, Thank you for everyone who was part of my 2 years experience as a freelancer.

To be honest, i’m not sure what the next move for me would be. I will surely still work in the field i’m in, but i don’t think i will complete in freelancing in general. I guess it’s time for me to try something new!

I really wanted to talk about my experience as a freelancer on this thread. But since i’m not really good at giving advice, i’ll just say that i totally recommend freelancing (Specially on Fiverr) for those who are willing to have a unique experience working on actual projects with actual customers. Despite that it might look not that big of a deal, but freelancing has truly changed how my life turned out. I can give examples but i don’t want to look as if i’m “flexing” so i’ll just leave it for those who are starting out to experience it on their own! :sunny:


I won’t be active neither on Fiverr nor the forum. However, i will surely check the forum from time to time to see what my friends are up to since this is the only way of communication between us. If you need me, just pm me on forum and i’ll get notified through my email to check the forum.

Your fellow member,


Wishing you every future success! :slightly_smiling_face:


May we ask why you are leaving @youssefkamel? Also, are you sure that a complete closing down of your gigs is a good thing?

Hike prices! Limit orders in queue! You never know what the future might bring!

In either case, I wish you all the best for the future and I hope to see you back again at some point!


I’m sorry to see you go! Wishing you the very best life has to offer in the coming days weeks and months. :heart:


I wish you every success.
In bocca al lupo Youssef! :sun_with_face:


All the best Youssef! :sun_with_face:


Wishing you the best of luck and continued success Youssef :blush:


Aww, @youssefkamel I have been wondering where you have been for all this time. :thinking:

Have you thought about merely pausing your gigs? :no_mouth:

Yippee! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So you will not be completely out of touch! :wink:
I shall miss you yousef, but I am relieved to know we will not lose contact with you. :hugs: :kissing_heart:


@youssefkamel - I wish you the best of luck, it has been such a pleasure communicating with you and working with you as well. You are a super-smart kid, and I am sure that you would find something awesome. I will miss you here.

If you ever need any help or if you want to chat with me, just drop me a line! :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your support, i truly appreciate it. :revolving_hearts:

There’s honestly two reason on why i’m leaving. The first one, which is mentioned above ,is that i feel like i’m being limited with the kind of customers and what projects i’m working on. I want to start working with companies and with more complex and bigger projects. My skills and experience in my field has gradually improved and i feel so confident that i’m currently able to take my business to the next level.

The second reason, which i didn’t really want to mention because it’s a whole big story and it’s not really the main spotlight here, is that i have been back and forth communicating with Fiverr & Payoneer for over a month now because my Payoneer account has been shut down and i’m unable to open a new one. Which makes it for me unable to work on the platform anymore.

But as i mentioned, this isn’t really that big of a deal as i have been thinking lately to leave and head to try out something new. The difference here is just i’m currently forced to do so, it’s not a choice anymore. :smile:

For those who are interested

I know that this will raise a lot of questions on why my account has been shut down. Long story short, it was closed because i’m under 18 years old. Despite that i did inform them at the beginning of my career that i’m below 18 and that my account is managed by my big brother, they went out and shut it down.
Why now? because when i hit 17 years old (not long ago), i opened my bank account in Egypt and wanted to link it with my brother’s Payoneer account. but once again, they refused this action and i just found myself on a dead road. No one to blame here, i totally respect their rules and they’re just doing their job after all. I just wished that this would have happened at the beginning of my career, when i told them so.


Not at all! I’m just, not working here anymore. :wink: I will definitely check the forum to keep up to date with what you guys are up to. I have seriously made some awesome friendships here that i don’t wanna lose.


Wish you all the best for your future.:+1::hugs:
there are many sellers who are leaving this platform quietly for some reasons…