The First Letter ๐Ÿฅ‡


I am ready for a game . . .
Using the first letter of your name tell us something that makes you happy!
:tada: :beer: :beach_umbrella: :sun_with_face: :wilted_flower: :baby:

Hmm, I have to think. Should I use the S or the V?


Was gonna say Money, but truth be known My Son


Awww Sons are very special! I could say that too! Only I would say, Sons. :boy:t2::boy:t2::boy:t2:


:v: Sure son. So i use S


Vintage cars.

:upside_down_face: :oncoming_automobile:


โ€œVโ€ is for vintage. I like to collect depression glass. These are the patterns I collect.


Should I go with A or Z?

If itโ€™s A, it would be art.
If itโ€™s Z, I have no idea. I canโ€™t come up with that many words that starts with Zโ€ฆ
oh, but I do like zucchini, I guess that will count??


G = :grapes:
R = :rose:


R = Rest :sleeping_bed:

Iโ€™m never able to properly rest, so yeah, itโ€™s one of the things that makes me happy even though I donโ€™t actually realize it when Iโ€™m asleep :sweat: sleep - you get it, but you canโ€™t see it, you canโ€™t touch it, you canโ€™t feel it, you canโ€™t remember it either.