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The first order in Fiverr


Hello to all from Greece. I am writing this topic in order to tell you (mostly to new sellers) that having your first order is the hardest part here. I have waited 25 days to get my first order. But dont feel disappointed! The start in anything in life is always the hard part. Be patient, be willing to work, study topics, study tips, come up with new gig ideas, make appealing profile, write nice descriptions, promote your gig links, send requests and you will get there. The journey here is so amazing, so dont give up too quickly! Fiverr is a great, creative world to be a part of! Good luck to all (old and new sellers). Greetings from Greece.

Maria S.


I totally agree with you.
Giving up is not an option.


congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck to you Maria, and to all new sellers :grinning:


Right life is very hard. so If you hard work that you prosper in life.


Thank you @mariasereti for boosting up our confidence.
i have joined fiverr few days ago and won’t give up:+1:


Hi @mariasereti congratulation!


Thats the spirit. Good luck!

Maria S.


congratulation and good luck keep going


Congratulation,Keep rocking…


Congratulation Maria S for your great achieve on fiverr


Congratulations …


Congratulations. Keep up the good work.


I always believe that if you are trying, study and believe in your powers then something good will come really soon! :slight_smile:

Maria S.


Good for you Maria! :clap::clap::clap:


You are absuletly right.
I agree with you
Pk Pronab
From Bangladesh


Congratulations, more wins and never stop using the buyers request and promoting your gig


Congratulations!!! :raised_hands:





I am a new seller too. 37days exact. :smiley:
And, I agree with you it’s hard, sometimes frustrating but we can not give up.
Not yet!