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The first time I saw over $1000 in my "Est. Current Revenues"!


So last night while on fiverr, I got another order and didn’t realize the milestone until I looked at my “manage sales” page and saw what it shows in the screenshot pic below!

First time to show over $1000 on my est current revenues! I guess I would have seen this sooner if I hadn’t been taking money out all along, but this was just really cool! So I wanted to share. Hard work does pay off :slight_smile:


yay lisha! :slight_smile: so awesome. congrats. keep it up.


Wow! I’d love to see that someday! :smiley:


Hey that’s cool. Congrats.


Wow =D>


dayum! Nice! I’d love to see that kinda dough in mine. Not there yet, but working towards it. Way to go for you!



You said $1000 but on screenshoot $1001 !

That is just photoshoped…

How can you generate $1000 with 1 feedback about a week ago from buyer and only 1 collection

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@Wildgirl That seller is a “Level 2 Seller” having 1 feedback does not mean that they have not made the revenues they state. Should you wish to look closer the seller has also “Paused their gigs” Please be respectful to other members of the group.


Reply to @wildgirl: Banned 3 times, I see you are aiming for 4th this year in 2013.

I wish you all the best.


Wow! well done!


Congrats, that’s interesting… Hope i can also get that position . Cheers :slight_smile:

wildgirl said: You said $1000 but on screenshoot $1001 !
That is just photoshoped..

Quick math
Assuming the OP had 254 sales.
Then the OP decided, "Hey that gig looks nice, let me buy 3 of them"
there goes 3x5 from the account.

1016-15 = 1001.


@ OP : Congratulations! Well Done! To infinity and beyond