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The first time in a (somewhat) long time with no new orders

Hi everyone,

I’m a relatively new voiceover seller on Fiverr (started selling in late April) and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It was slow for the first two weeks but all of the sudden, throughout the second half of May and the entire month of June, my sales skyrocketed for some reason; I would wake up to between 4-7 new orders every day for about a month and a half straight. It came to the point where it was a bit overwhelming so I decided to slightly raise my prices (or at least the work I would do within the same price point… instead of 300 words for $5, I would do 250).

Even after that price increase, I got more orders in late June/early July… I loved it but I couldn’t perform at my best with constant orders and people constantly paying for 12 hour delivery, etc. I met Level 2 requirements on Saturday… so I decided to slightly adjust my prices again; 200 words per $5. Overall, this bracket is still very inexpensive relative to lots of the competition, most of which I am not even skilled enough to compete with… yet.

My plan was, from here, to not raise the price until I feel very confident in doing so… or until the volume of work becomes impossible to complete.

For the first time in about a month and a half, I haven’t gotten an order in the past two days. I’m a bit worried… is this weird? Or was I just lucky in the beginning and now I’m back to reality?

I would be curious to know everyone’s thoughts. Thank you.



It’s unfortunate you haven’t been around for a while - lots been going on. And, yes, everyone’s affected.

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