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The first warning was placed on my account

Hello friends
Would you please help
A first warning was put to my account, after I placed a new service, claiming that I put a banned service on FIVERR which is a logos design.
Please tell me if there is a way to remove this warning which affects the seller significantly

Thanks in advance

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If you could remove a warning, it would defeat the purpose of Fiverr putting it there. Learn from your mistakes and move on.


Your main mission isn’t to remove the warning you got, but to not do the same thing again, or something else that will get you another warning and perhaps account suspension.

Very rarely do we hear from sellers that Fiverr “took back” a warning. By all means, try to get it removed if you know and can prove that the warning was unjustified, but usually, if sellers get warnings, they did something that’s against the terms, like using pictures as gig images that they took from the internet, or just copied another seller’s gig description, etc.

I’m pretty sure that logo design is not a banned service on Fiverr. Find out what exactly it was you got the warning for, look closely at the mail you got, I can’t imagine it says “logo design is a banned service on Fiverr”, there must be something else, does it say something about copyright, for instance, or …? Check that and make sure to not do the same thing again, also read Fiverr’s terms of service thoroughly, so you won’t get a warning for something else that’s against the terms either.


Thanks for this motivation humanissocial

I contacted support and told me that there was a copyright strike and that I imitated a well-known trademark in one of my logos

Now you know what not to do again.


Well, that’s great, so now you know that logo design isn’t banned on Fiverr and you can continue selling logos if you keep copyright issues in mind. I’d recommend reading the terms of service either way, you’d have, for example, seen this and perhaps would have avoided that strike then:

  • Sellers warrant that any content included in their Gigs shall be original work conceived by the Sellers and shall not infringe any third party rights, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks or service marks. In the event that certain music or stock-footage media are incorporated within the Gigs, Sellers represent and warrant that they hold a valid license to use such music and/or footage and to include them in the Gigs.
  • Fiverr will respond to clear and complete notices of alleged copyright or trademark infringement. Our Intellectual Property claims procedures can be reviewed here.

Thanks for your attention I’ll be careful to not make the mistake again @miiila

Thanks for your attention I’ll be careful to not make the mistake again @catwriter

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