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The fiverr algorithm never ceases to amaze me

I got a 3-star review from an absolute monster client (he made racist remarks to me and cursed at me repeatedly resulting in what seems to be a warning so far) and I went from the bottom of the second page for one of my keywords to the top of the first. WTH, Fiverr. You never cease to amaze me.


To give feedback is a choice of a client but to comment like that are against the rules of fiverr. You can contact to the customer support with order number and screenshots of that conversation with the client and mention your detailed description that you faced with the client. Thanks


“I would still suggest this artist. Great quality work” Those words saved you lol :smiley:

I hope this goes without saying but, did you block the buyer afterwords?

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Actually, no. I don’t see much reason to. If they want to lash out at me again, I’ll be happy to report it to CS.

But why even risk another potential experience with such a nightmare buyer?

Might save you from a future headache, but okay.

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Gotta be honest, my curiosity gets the best of me far too often.

I can think of two good reasons to report a buyer who curses at you and makes racist comments. To do a tiny bit to clean this platform up and protect other sellers from potentially experiencing the same thing.


I can’t really block for other people, oh well. Also, I’m an expert at swimming through chaos, I prefer the backstroke in this instance.

Well, 3 stars are not bad compared to 1 star I got the day before yesterday. :sweat_smile: well at least your buyer was kind enough to explain the reason behind his 3 stars., it was reasonable and still recommended you even at the point he didn’t get what he expected. shoutout to him. :wink:

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Definitley not reasonable in his inbox lmao. 9 pages of profanity and racist remarks, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh at his threats or be genuinely concerned.

Yeah, that’s how people is, they come and go. so we don’t need to care about things they say time to time. what we should care is what stays on our profiles forever like reviews. that review is not bad at all. just saying. it shows even you didn’t deliver what he liked you still did a good job at handling the task and was nice to him in every means. :slight_smile:

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