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The Fiverr Crack Down


Time to re-read the terms of service and make sure your gigs aline with them. There seem to be changes afoot that are affecting those who do or support academic work of others in varying capacities…writing…editing…etc


don’t offer to do someone’s homework. wrong in so many levels.


@miroslavglavic I agree. When I brought that up before, people argued with me.




Oh, who cares about that big old dangly pair of bollocks. They don’t even have a feedback policy that… oh never mind.

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I can understand the arguments because until recently, Fiverr didn’t forbid these gigs. In most places it’s not illegal to do homework for students.

Before I get slammed, I am not saying I agree with the ethics of selling essays or doing homework. To me personally it’s fraud and shouldn’t be done. I just didn’t bother to gripe at those sellers since Fiverr allowed them.

ToS hadn’t changed when I read it Thursday but Fiverr was starting to deny gigs offering academic services. I don’t think it hurts for @silberma1976 to warn other sellers of probable changes. I would love to see similar and stronger action by Fiverr on illegal gigs. I’m amazed at the number of gigs with blatantly stolen logos, video intros, openly stolen blog articles and so on. May the crackdown continue! :wink:


l have a friend who is a victim of this crackdown. they have deleted ten of his gigs because he was supposedly offering academic writing services. Fiverr, however, is allowing coaching services to students who have such assignments


Perhaps your friend should be more subtle then.

Or just not do this bs at all. Really, Angela, your friend is very transparent. Is she a brain surgeon and rocket scientists melded into one superthing?


Those who sell academic assignments deserve to be treated by the doctors who buy them.


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My creative writing gig was also paused, even when I do not offer academic writing services. One of the support members asked me to include a statement (saying that I do not offer academic writing services) in my gig’s description.
At first, I found it absurd, but now I know why they asked me to do that. I still get 3-4 daily messages from the students, asking me to do their academic work. I politely refuse but when I see them online for the next few days, it becomes advent that they have hired someone else to do the job.


I posted not long ago about this and expressed my disgust for those who offer these services, and many disagreed with me, I am glad that Fiverr is doing something about it now… and you are right, they do deserve to be treated by doctors who bought from them assignments.