The Fiverr Delivery Timer Countdown Dilemma


Have you ever experience this situation?

Fiverr system: "You need to deliver your gig within 2 days (until XXXXX, 2012) to meet your deadline and get paid."

Fiverr system: The buyer responded to your instructions. See following Message:

Buyer: "Ok will give the details soon…"

Now… “Ok will give the details soon…” is definitely NOT the needed response to my instructions!

And the delivery timer countdown STARTS…

Nothing is provided… even after several messages sent…

Fiverr system: "You need to deliver your gig within 1 hour (until XXXXX, 2012) to meet your deadline and get paid."


Have you experience such situation? How do yo handle this situation?


That’s indeed bad, you could probably suggest to Fiverr, to start the countdown once the buyer marks the gig as he/she has provided the needed details.

I have not experienced such issue myself.


Yeah, I suggested that via the Customer Support a while ago… and nothing… :((


Yes this is bad if you plan to have an express gig but if something happens dont worry fiverr support will be with you and help you if you somehow get a negative feedback or late delivery.


You can always explain to the customer that you need the information immediately or you will have to cancel the order since they have not provided you with the necessary information. Then kindly say that once they have it to rebook your gig. Just be polite and professional about it. Fiverr support is very good at helping in these type of situations.


Reply to @bookwormreviews: As mentioned… “…after several messages sent…” It’s not that I don’t contact and let them know to provide the details, I did. The buyers were probably forgotten about the orders or something. And if I am the one who cancel, it will affect my ratings, no?


Reply to @thefacebookgeek:

Here’s the good news, if you ASK for mutual cancellation and they don’t return to respond, you’re “mutual” cancellation is accepted and doesn’t count against you…at least doesn’t "unless it’s excessive"

If they do show back up, you can PUT into the mutual cancellation “terms” if you agree to keep this gig, please understand, it will mean I’ll need extra time from the moment you leave information.

Upon your acceptance, I may need to set the gig as delivered with only partial delivery and deliver the rest within the time I’ve lost so fiverr doesn’t automatically set our work as “undelivered”.


Generally, I will explain to the client that the order completion time is getting over and I dont want my gig to be late. They generally reply back instantly with an apology and ofcourse the required details… but yeah there are few who dont reply at all… This especially happens over weekends, so I keep my TAT’s as 2-3 days atleast. !


In the instructions you could put a line:

"please don’t write anything until you have the instructions below"

and then put the rest of your instructions.

This could help buyers stop writing “will get you that soon” and will mean that the timer doesn’t start counting down.


Reply to @aingham69: This is actually a good idea! Now why didn’t I think of that earlier??? Thank you!


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: No problem. Hope it works for you.