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The Fiverr Exam Test

Hi, there! I’m a newbie seller!

I have a question regarding the Fiverr test exams.

I want to know from the experts how Fiverr exams can help me to achieve at least a monthly 1 project? (I’m a WordPress developer and also known digital marketing) Can I have to pass all exams and tests?

I just got confused. Please help me I need some suggestions.

Thank You :slight_smile:


I’ll suggest you take every test and clear it with 60% marks. There are test for digital marketers, developers and designers etc. Pro tip is to pass basic English and fiver English test. Also you can dip your head in customer service test.

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You can try Wordpress as well SEO test. And Fiverr English test is easy. Go for it First. Good luck.

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thank you adnan1995.

thank you mudra_digitals.

These tests are meant to prove to your potential clients that you are actually able to deliver the services you offer. Let’s say someone offers English translations but then fails the test, the potential client can tell that the seller doesn’t actually speak English that well and will most likely not buy from them. On the other hand, if you do exceptionally well on the test, your potential buyers are more likely to trust you that you know what you are doing.
I wouldn’t really recommend doing all the tests there are, because they are meant to show what you are especially good at, though you can do as many as you want, of course.


Of coarse bro… At first google about this, learn more. Almost all Question are same in same category. So if you get a doc before exam who already pass, it will be batter.


Start doing the basic test and try getting 60% on all.

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Thank you bro for share like this valuable post. Hope , we’ll get more update.

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Thanks, janali… for sharing such a logical aspect :+1:

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Thanks doerbiplob bro.

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