The Fiverr Fantasy Begins!


Hi All Fiverrs,

I know I am a bit late. I made the account in, I believe, August of 2016. But, it wasn’t till yesterday that I listed my Gigs online. I was actually visiting my newborn grandchild and daughter.

Quick, say something interesting to captivate the community with its new member . . .

Well, except for that pathetic attempt at humor, I am an Anglo-Indian. That means that I am a citizen of India though my ancestry is British. Yeah, you got it; just like Ruskin Bond. Can we just take a moment and appreciate his greatness.

Oh, going off-topic again, quick . . . umm. . .

All in all, our family has been in the publishing business for quite a while, starting with my grandfather. I decided to stay back in India after its independence because it is such a beautiful country, but most of all, the people are so humble and modest. I know what the world thinks about the India, but I believe that the people who matter can distinguish exaggeration from reality. Fun Fact: Rupa and co., the publishing house I work for, has purchased from Fiverr many times in the past. For me, it truly is the land of fantasy.

My daughter lives in Lamorna (where I am originally from) with her husband and daughter. And I. . . well . . I am waiting to retire peacefully and maybe move to that small house in the hills.

Until then, to my fellow Fiverrs, let’s weave a story worthy of being told to my grandchild, eh?

Thank you so much for welcoming me. Let’s believe in the Fantasy!



Welcome to Fiverr! Good to have you here.


Hey! Thank you so much. That’s my first forum reply and I want to squeal like a toddler with a new toy. This is great, isn’t it?


Good story with a feel. What’s your niche? Graphics I guess but a gig in the creative writing category would deliver. Welcome back.


Good luck and welcome to Fiverr. I hope it works out for you.


Thank you so much.

And yes! I have decided to start with online writing and proofreading gigs. As you can understand, I have a lifetime of experience for the latter; but the online writing is more of a personal adventure. I often used to contribute to blog posts for the publishing house, and I loved it. So, I want to see if I can continue that here.

As for creative writing, I am going to set up a gig soon. I don’t see many sellers adding to that niche here. And if buyers want creative content, it would be my pleasure to contribute. Though a major concern would be as to how I price it. But all in in its own time, eh?

Best of luck!


I sure hope so, dear sir. It already feels so great to interact with everyone here in the community. I also talked to Fiverr support and they are awesome as well.

Best of luck to you as well!


Welcome to Fiverr. Check out the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the Fiverr Academy and Podcasts. Best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


You’re sure good to go but Fiverr does have a way. Be acquainted with as many of the tips. Get to know how similar gigs make sales. Be ‘online’ most times. Low prices initially would be good baits. Happy experience.


Hello Neil. Nice intro. Welcome from me too, and hope you´ll get only the fantasy without the nightmarish parts. :wink: I´m only here since a bit over 3 months myself, and it was a good decision. :slight_smile:


You’ve been here only 3 months? LOL…it’s like you’ve been here forever :smile:


Well, 3 months 15 days actually I think, didn´t quite realize January is half over already 0.o though it sure feels like forever, because of all the nightshifts :wink: Online time is different than real time somehow.


A warm welcome from me as as well. Good luck and enjoy your Fiverr journey.


Yeah, my life is pre-Fiverr and post-Fiverr. It’s like whatever happened pre-Fiverr was like a hundred years ago. :smile:


Ah yes, I just saw the Academy from the ‘Community’ dropdown menu. It seems very interesting and helpful. I was reading the excerpts from the speech of Jonathan Coleman and he has had quite the journey, here on Fiverr.

I believe I am too old for that now; but I do hope it will still be a story like none other. And in the end, isn’t that what’s important?

Thank you so much for welcoming me. And for the heads up on checking around the website. Best wishes to you as well! :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for that warm welcome. I haven’t really faced anything nightmarish till now. But I guess I’ll have to give it some time :grinning:

For now, I am just enjoying myself moving through the forums and the blog posts. It is amazing how a community grows around a single thing, isn’t it?

Are you from Germany? I had been there once as a part of a book promotion team. Ah, it has been so long since I last had an authentic Stuttgart Döner . Can I just take a moment and say that Döners are one of the best things in Germany.

Well, all the best wishes to you as well. It sure feels good to work with such enthusiastic people.


Thank you so much. Wishes from Germans have always meant a lot to me. They are one of the most authentic welcomes and compliments I have ever received in my career.

A German friend of mine always used to say; “Neil . . . we don’t give compliments. If it is really good, we don’t criticize or complain about it, and that itself is a tribute.” I have always kept that in mind.

Good luck to you too!


Oh yes, just wait until a red box flashes around your inbox because you used a completely normal word in a completely normal conversation with a buyer and makes you feel like some criminal hacker in the cyberpunk environment of your choice (but hey! fantasy! tip: don´t use words like money, email, pay, my work outside of fiverr…) or for the dreaded paypalchargebackbuyer, or for the do-it-perfecter-1001-revisions-buyer :wink: but the forum is to your rescue to prepare and seek help or at least get consolation for such nightmares.

It´s quite amazing, yes, the forum is a great resource and treasury of information, and also a nice ‘place to meet around the coffee machine’ for freelancers working from home and alone.

Yes, I am, and true, what would Germany be without Döner lol. And your friend does have a point, haha. We go into the cellar to laugh too, or so the story goes. :wink:

Well, see you around on the forum and good luck with getting some nice first orders.


Hi anirdreameth, Welcome to fiverr. Hope you will have a nice time here. If there’s anything let us know coz we are here to help you. Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Oh wow! Security is that tight hmm? :grin: I believe I have a lot to learn. Thanks for the heads up. And yes, I do hope I get to interact with buyers soon.

Well, sure hope to bump into you again some other time. It has been a pleasure.