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The fiverr lvl is forever?


if i reach a fiver lvl is forever?


Is this a question? :slight_smile:


No. Never


Levels were never permanent. And as of January next year, each seller is evaluated on a monthly basis, thus anyone can lose their level if their analytics are not within the specified limits, as detailed on your Analytics page.


so every month they scan us for see if we reach the requeriments ?


@pachi_mc Something like that, yes.


Yes indeed. That is exactly what will happen. Although, you can see those requirements on your Analytics page, which means, you will know exactly what the requirements are and how to meet them.


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Hello, for Level 2, must we earned 2.000 $ for 120 days or its for all time?


All-time, visite this page for more informations about the Fiverr’s Level System


Thank you, I visited, thats why Im confuse, there is no (all time) behind earnings.


True but If it had to be in a course of time, they would have added it as for the other requirements (ex: 90% Response rate over the course of 60 days)


His e-key got stuck because of some cookie crumbs, I guess.


@mariokluser It was a used computer he got from ebay.


Always when we thought we have seen it all, right?


The C doesn’t work either. It types like rap.


So what will happen if you loose your level? I see level 1 sellers on top of my categories and is getting orders more than me. >.<


Just make it a real life experience and you will see what happens.


soon lol (insert 20 characters)


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