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The Fiverr mobile App



As I seller a wish we can have an app to use to easily deliver work when we are only connected from mobile.

I usually deliver within 5min-10min when I’m connected from my computer but when I’m using my phone this increase to 1 hour or more .

Don’t you think that Fiverr should have it’s own mobile App.

Sorry if this subject is duplicate but I didn’t find something similar while reading the suggestion section.


That’d be nice I guess.It would be nice to include features in the app like message alert


Yeah Alerts will be a nice feature!


I would a Fiverr mobile app!

To make up for it, this is what I do (and this drives my husband CRAZY!)

I have Fiverr set up to send me an e-mail every time I get a new order or a message to my inbox.

My phone is set up to alert me with a unique tone every time I get a new e-mail so once I hear that ding! I know that I have a new order/inbox message (95% of the time).

Maybe you can try that! I have a smart phone so it’s easy for me. I’m not sure about other phones.


Agreed. Although i like mrspanda’s idea (I do the same myself), I think a mobile app would not only help us sellers out but also increase sales. I imagine many buyers use their phone at times to place orders, so a mobile app would help everyone, not just sellers.


Yes I use my phone the same way as mrspanda

but not only notifications, but sometimes we need to deliver from the phones and also buyer will use it to make orders easily.


In this day and age, mobile is only growing so everyone should be making apps in my opinion. I use my phone all the time, and being able to check work with Fiverr through an app would be awesome.

They just need to hire a small dev team to do it :slight_smile: