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The fiverr new review update as not favored seller

Hello to everybody here.
Its no more a rumor that the new fiverr rating system have more 75% negative effect to the fiverr saller.

  1. Some buyers are amazon buyers they believed that and review above 3 star is positive rating most of them will leaved 3.5 star review with a good and encouragement word but fiverr request at least 4.8 star review from seller.
  2. Some buyers will not answer to your deliver and messages till the order automatically mark as completed by fiverr and they will just came and leave bad review with bad comments, they will not come to seller for modifications. and once they drop their reviews there is no any remedy anymore.
  3. sellers can’t see his/her buyers review on till seller review them back.
  4. The most worst aspect on it is this, after buyer drop a bad review to seller some buyers will still contact fiverr costumer support to cancel the order and fiverr will accept without removing of bad review. Please my people let reason together… Please don’t my grammar, I am a graphics designer.



This is a business friend , there are always going to be people trying to make $ and sell services , Fiverr is doing what any business would do protect their customers the people buying are the most important to Fiverr not the seller. Customers are top priority not sellers and I understand this and so should you , there are 100’s of you for what ever service you provide same with my service you can be replaced however the buyers need to be guarded because a few bad reviews about a buyer not getting proper service reflects poorly on Fiverr and they can not have that they have a business to run.


Yes I know that, but after most buyer get what they want, some of them will just leave 3.5 or 4.0 rating with good comment and there is no how you can tell them because if a seller try that he/she will receive warning immediately, I know our buyer satisfaction must always be our topmost priority.

Thanks for your great response and contributions.

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