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The Fiverr Notifications Redesign is Here

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve redesigned the Fiverr Notifications system!

As you can see, the new Notification design is a lot clearer and cleaner than the previous version, and lets you more easily manage your orders and understand what actions you need to take.

For more info on the full list of updates, details and to provide feedback, check out the Fiverr blog.

I like it. I didn’t like that last recent update where every message in orders was notified twice (really? I guess it was related to this bigger, better update) so this is a huge improvement.

I especially like the fact it now tells you how many stars a reviewer has given you. I never did feel confident about the “x has left a positive review!” message before as that really meant anything above 3-stars, and we all know that 3-stars is not very good around these parts! Anyway, congratulations on an update that seems to not be broken!

Seems a step backwards. You made the in box into a dropdown like the old notifications, and now you do the opposite to notifications. From a UI design this is just very bad. You need consistency. Maybe the inbox should go back to the old way.

The additional info is nice, just seems the UI on the site needs to get cleaned up. Also you might want to make sure the menu bar is always there too. It goes away when you open an order causing more mouse clicks to navigate the site.

It’s well designed and presents a lot of information on each order in an easy to see way.
It tells about orders that have been cancelled also which was never visible unless one clicked on “active orders” so that is a huge improvement. It also tells how many messages have been left by buyers for each order, and shows the thumbnail that goes with each order to show what

gig was ordered. I give the design and A+.

If only the little pink ball to tell us when there is a new notification worked. Mine stays on all the time even when there is no new notification.

Moving thru the site I see the notification drops down on some and not on other pages. Dashboard no drop down, but in box yes drop down.

The pink ball does seem to be the worst of it. I hate pink balls (ahem) so this will grate on me quite a lot…

Did you really say that or is it another lucid dream? (Or does it matter?)

Ditto on ditching the ever-present pink ball. Make it go away when I click it, or just get rid of it.

Excited with the new notification panel…Its good to see the change…The old one was really little confusing…

I like it. Gonna adapt very quickly I’m sure. But guys, can you remove the notification dot already? I’ve read it, confirmed. Don’t want it to fool me there’s some new notification :smiley:

It is supposed to come on when we have a new message but instead now just stays on all the time. It was useful when it worked.

The new system looks good to me, but I must agree with those who say it’s a priority to get the broken “new notifications” signifier fixed. Mine does turn off occasionally, but then it turns back on for no reason–I get all excited about a new notification, only to be disappointed.

Still, once that’s fixed, this will be much awesomer than the previous system.

Great news

Its very nice just the Pink ball isn’t working well. It stays on all the time and its really annoying when you check after every five minutes but there is nothing. Hope it will be fixed soon.

I am experiencing a problem. I can see the beginning of order update messages under my notification tab, but I click it, which brings me to the order page… and it’s NOT showing me ANY of those updates.

I have a buyer who couldn’t include his requirements in the original order process, so he put them as order updates instead, and I have NO WAY of seeing them!!

I can’t find any of the gigs that I want any more either (book reviews). Everything I key in just comes up with no results.
Update: They’re appearing again now, so maybe just a glitch.

I think notification system works well now before than previous… and easy to use…

Its fixed now.

The pink ball just stays on all the time,:frowning:

Oh I love pink balls.