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The Fiverr Scam - A way to get free gigs


The past 6 months have been absolutely great and then December happened. I had $500 worth of orders canceled due to disputes from the buyer after the completion. This means the buyer gets my drawings for free and I do not get paid. Instead, I lose 40+ hours of hard work.

The buyers all got banned which made me relieved. Not for long though, the banned user created another account and purchased a $60 drawing. I knew it was him because of the photo he wanted me to draw. I wouldn’t forget his face. I also found evidence he used my other drawings as his Instagram profile and his wife as well. Customer support banned his new account. However, any cancellation effects my completion score and all these cancellations in the past month have demoted me to a Level 1 seller after selling $14,000 worth of drawings.

The buyer then has a friend create an account and order a $60 order without consulting me. I knew they were associated because they played for the same basketball team. He obviously told his friend how to get work on fiverr. I am currently in contact with fiverr about this situation but I doubt anything will be done.

The worst part is my demotion has affected the number of sales I’m making. I was averaging 2-3 sales a day and it’s now become 2-3 sales a week. I use to have a 96% completion rate, but now it’s 86% and will continue to drop due to this one user abusing the system.

Not sure what to do, but I definitly feel like Fiverr is hanging me out to dry after being such a good seller on the platform.


I sympathize with your situation. It hurts when somebody takes advantage of your hardwork for granted. The good news is you’ve contacted the CS about your predicament. I believe if you explain your case like you’ve put it here, they may be able to help you with the Order Completion item.

Take it easy and keep doing whta you are great at. Happy selling!


I wrote them a detailed explation for each order cancelation and how they have all resulted in the user being banned. There reply was “unfortuently, all order cancelations are taking into account” and for me prepare for my next evealution.

I still don’t know how to avoid users abusing the system. I’m on the verge of being a top rated seller and now I’m at level 1.


so sad to hear, it means there is No care about sellers even top rated.


I think Fiverr is really failing its sellers on this and you are not the first to complain.
I just get this generic email from them as if they haven’t even read my complaint.

I suppose if they won’t change the system you are just going to get some genuine hard working sellers moving onto other ways of selling their service.


It makes me sad to hear of this. There should be some kind of intervention when a seller gets repeatedly abused in this way.

Have you requested that they contest it with Paypal? After all there is no valid reason for them to file a chargeback at all. You have proof you delivered the artwork.


Thank you for sharing the experience :kissing_heart:


They use the same exact response everytime “When you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t either. It’s a dispute through 3rd party source”



Sometimes they have contested it with Paypal. You could ask for someone else to take a look at it to see if this qualifies for that.


its so sad And I thought Fiverr only treat new sellers like that :frowning:


Fiverr’s not doing anything to its sellers in this case - it’s the buyers who are misbehaving. :wink:


Essentially someone can order a $2000 gig and file a paypal dispute and get the entire order for free!


The sad part is no matter what happens, Fiverr will never do anything about it. Why? Because people have been constantly complaining for years and nothing has happened. Don’t get your hopes up.


There should be order cancellation period of 14 and 7 days for TRS, this might prevent or at least reduce fraudster buyers actions.


Paypal from my own experience seems to always side with the buyer. So its not just Fiverrs fault.

The strategy seems to be to keep the buyer happy because without any buyer confidence there will be no market for sellers anyway. Fiverr may lose some good quality sellers but there will always be other sellers willing to sell cheaply and to take the risk.

So basically as sellers we can either take it or leave it


Fiverr, more than ever, needs to FIND A WAY TO EXCUSE CERTAIN CANCELLATIONS.

With this new rating system, it’s almost negligence to continue with how they do things. Fiverr needs the ABILITY to have certain cancellations not effect your analytics. At least some. It’s a must now.

I also am really sorry to hear this. This is malicious thievery.


Same as me, some teenager told me 500$ for video and when I made it he told me 10 because he is poor…


Did you do the work before he placed the order?


No because he wanted a skech, but I prepared almost whole video and he told me “I like it send me an offer for 10$ an I will order” and from me was reaction like “wtf, seller reques was for 500$”


I agree 100%

I’ve completed almost 300 orders and have only mutually canceled 1 order because no matter what I did, the buyer didn’t like it. The remaingin 18 cancellations have all been as a result of fraud.